Monday, November 18, 2013

Can you hear the vacuum?

One of the interesting things about living in Rancho Jurupa Regional Park is watching the park empty out on Sunday when all the weekenders head back to their sticks and bricks homes.  The park was almost at capacity over this weekend, but by 11 am it was almost empty......almost as if someone had turned on a large vacuum.

Sunday is NFL day, so I took the outside TV that I keep in the basement through storage area and moved it into the "garage" (trailer) for the day so while I worked on my mountain bike I could watch whatever game was on at the time.  One of the nice upgrades to their cable TV service here in the park is that they now have HD channels available, and I love watching sports on the HD format.

Around Noon my brother and his family stopped by our site to say their "until next times" before they started back to their home in the San Gabriel Valley and their workaday lives.  For us it is time to recharge our batteries after a great three days visiting with family and friends we have not seen for almost 2 years.

TLE spent a good part of Sunday reorganizing some of our cabinet storage areas in the salon area of our coach, and thinning out the stuff we were keeping in them, as well as doing the laundry.  I've been doing a lot of re-organizing in the trailer over the past few days, too......there is just too much stuff in there that is not getting used, and taking up a lot of precious space.

Not much else to write about......except we will be starting our volunteer jobs on Monday.  First we will show up at the kiosk at 6:30 am Monday to help open at 7 am, when the park officially opens.  We did work in the kiosk off and on when we were here a couple of years ago, but some procedures have changed, and frankly we haven't thought about any of that in 21 months so we need to be re-trained on the various fees, and how to use the computer software.  Later in the day we'll clean a couple of the cabins that were rented over the weekend.

The new Lenovo

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I got my first new laptop in about 10 years.  I've been using a Dell Inspiron 6000 for a long time, and it is getting tired.  My good friend, Tom McCloud, turned me on to Lenovo laptops.  I was able to get a "refurbished" one for $296, and that is what I am using now.  I'm still getting used to the full size keyboard, and the spacing of the keys, which is quite different from my old Dell, but I love it so far.  I'm also getting used to Windows 7......the old Dell had the Windows XP platform.  Click the link to check them out....the best deals are in the "Outlet" section.

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