Tuesday, November 19, 2013

As if......

 It's as if 21 months of water had not passed beneath the proverbial bridge......it's as if we have passed through a time warp........it's as if we have entered the "wardrobe" and are back to the time before we became nomads.....only we are not in Narnia, we are in RJRP.  Not much has changed......it's as if time has stood still.....many of the same people still work here at RJRP as we affectionately refer to Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, and everything still looks the same.....except we are not the same people who left 21 months ago.....we are now nomads.  We are not here for a year, or two years.    We are here for 60 days....maybe a little more.
Monday was our first volunteer work day here in Narnia....I mean RJRP.  Our day started at 5:30 am.......yes, that's what I said.....5:30 since we had to be at the Kiosk by 6:30 am to open the park for the day's business at 7 am.....what is that all about?  We're retired.....why are we getting up so early?  Well, by volunteering a mere 10 hours a week per person we get to stay here for FREE!  If we had to pay to stay here it would cost close to $1,000 per month for the water, electricity, sewer, laundry, cable TV, and WiFi connections, so I am willing to get up early 2, or 3 days a week to save that kind of money, and to be able to be here 2+ months visiting our kids and grand kids.

That's the Kiosk in the background (on the left)

We met our good friend Mike (we became good friends with Mike and his wife Terrie when we were here for a year.....Mike and Terrie are going on 5 years here at the park) at the Kiosk at exactly 6:30 and began opening everything up for the day.....first thing to do is raise the U.S., California and Riverside Parks flags to the top of their respective flag poles.  From there Mike gave TLE and I a refresher course in the Kiosk operations, computer software, etc.  Within a few hours we were back in the saddle, feeling comfortable once again.

Cabins 1 & 2

In addition to our weekly Kiosk duties we will also be cleaning a couple of cabins each week.  There are six cabins in all, and we'll be responsible for just #1 and #2 each week.  After we finished our 5 hour Kiosk shift.......by the way, in the future only one of us will be at the Kiosk on any given day.....we both went to today to get our training out of the way......we headed back to the coach.  TLE decided to go shopping, and I decided to take a nap.....I only got 6.5 hours of sleep Sunday night, and by Noon I was tired.  I was awakened about 1:30 when TLE returned.....I guess I was tired.

Once TLE had the groceries put away we decided to walk over and inspect our cabins to see how they looked after a weekend of use, and they don't look too bad. We'll tackle them tomorrow after TLE works the Kiosk....then we'll have just one more day in the Kiosk and we're done for the week.....not a bad gig.  And, it's nice to be back on familiar ground, of only for a couple of months.  It feels as if we never left.......well just a little bit....:D

It's good to be home......it's good to get caught up with the many people who work here on a daily basis, and to find out how their lives have progressed since we left 21 months ago.

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  1. I suppose anything looks good as long as it is not spelled Beets. LOL

    Glad your having fun with the family.


    1. Yes, there is a definite absence of sugar beets in Riverside, CA.....and it is a lot warmer, too!


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