Wednesday, November 27, 2013

God of Single Combat.....

 Have you ever wondered what "Tuesday" means?   What its origin is? neither, but on a day when I'm working harder than usual to seem notice I use the word "seem" occurred to me that I could lead off with that.  According to Wikipedia the English version of the name for the 2nd day (or for some 3rd day) of the week comes from the Old English word Tiwesdaeg meaning Tiw's Day, or the day of Tiw, the God of Single Combat.....hmmmm, I'm not sure I feel any more enlightened, or clever, how about you?

Tuesday was a low humidity, scattered clouds, high 70's kind of day.....a short pants, t-shirt and flip flops kind of kind of day.....the kind of day that has been in extremely short supply the past few months.

Due to a reservations "snafu", we must move our "home" on Wednesday 3 sites to the northeast to make room for the Thanksgiving weekend folks. This inconvenience has accrued to our benefit on the work schedule an inducement for us to move we have been relieved of our Kiosk duty on Wednesday.  As a result of that Tuesday is our last work day until next Monday when we will clean our two cabins again.  TLE volunteered me to work  the first half of our 5 hour shift....6:30 am to 9 am.  Even though she did not have to be at work at 6:30 like moi she graciously got up and made me breakfast and wished me luck in "storming the castle" (a gratuitous quote taken from "Princess Bride") as I exited the coach into the cool morning air.

My 2.5 hours seemed to pass by quickly, and suddenly there she was, TLE, coming in the door at 8:50 am to take over.  I headed back to the coach to do some insurance work, and then take a bike favorite local the top of Mt. Rubidoux.  On my last foray up the mountain I did the climb in 32 minutes.....this time it took me just over 30 minutes...a noticeable improvement.

Looking northeast from the top

Looking can see RJRP right in the middle of the picture

I got back from my ride just after TLE arrived back from her 2.5 hour share of our shift.  We had some lunch then headed into my son's office to pick up our mail, and a few packages.  From there we continued on into Azusa to test drive a 1998 Jeep Wrangler we are thinking of trading the T-Bird in on......we have come to the conclusion over the 21 months we have been traveling that the 2 seater 'Bird just does not fit our lifestyle as much as we love her.

This is the one we test has brand new tires, a new soft top, the A/C works, has a straight 6 cylinder engine with a 5 speed stick, and is one owner with a clean CarFax.  She drove nice,  and only has 108,000 miles on her.  We've just started looking, but this one may be the one!

We got home around 4, but I was not done for the day.  Before we left on our travels I used to buy used mountain bikes on Craigslist that I thought were priced under the market, then take them apart and sell each component separately on Ebay.  Typically I would double my money, and sometimes triple it.  Well, I found another bike Tuesday and went to pick it up in Montclair last night around 7:30.  This bike was even better in person, but I was able to talk the young man down about $25 off of his top price.....I think I can easily double my money.....

By the time I got back it was time for the season finale of NCIS L.A., and then the season finale for Person of Interest......a lot of surprises in both episodes.

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  1. Hi Clarke.. been reading your posts for a while. Had to chime in on the Jeep. We bought a Wrangler this spring and love it. Watch the two door models tend to ride rough. Salesman told us a couple traded a two door in after just a week for a four door. That short wheelbase gets you.


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