Saturday, November 30, 2013

Plan B

Both TLE and I checked our various weather sources first thing Friday, and did not see this coming....the hourly forecast for Friday indicated we would have a few clouds in the morning, but then mostly sunny in the afternoon.  Based on that we began getting dressed to ride our bikes into Riverside to have coffee and a bagel at Simple Simon's....a popular local breakfast/lunch place (Yelp gives them 4 stars).  I had just finished dressing and was about to walk out the door to check on the bikes when I began to hear drops of rain on the roof.....wait, what?  I looked out the front window to see rain drops hitting the glass with ever increasing frequency and intensity.....we rechecked the same weather sources we had just checked 30 minutes before and now they were all saying it was raining.....duh!  Not only did it rain then, it continued to rain on and off until mid afternoon putting the kaibosh on our plans.....hmmmm, I haven't used that word in a long, long time.  We have a rule for bike riding that we abide by pretty religiously....we never start a ride when it is already raining.  It's one thing to get caught in the middle of a ride in the rain, and just make the best of it, but starting out in the rain is a definite "No,No".

Okay, I get it, we're not riding, so what is "Plan B"?  Well, TLE's "Plan B" was to go shopping.  My "Plan B" was to work in the trailer, and watch college football.  I began going over the mountain bike I bought off Craigslist to put a value on each component before I list each of them on Ebay.  Based on my preliminary estimates I think I should easily double my money, so we'll see.

This has turned out to be a pretty well behaved group we have here in RJRP for the  long Thanksgiving weekend.....considering that the park is at 100% capacity it is very quiet during the day and loud blaring stereos, or loud talking.  Everyone is being respectful and considerate of those around them. Whenever you bring this many people into this small geographical space you never know what you are going to get.  The Rangers, of course, do their job to shut down those who are inconsiderate, but it's always more pleasant when you don't have to get the "law" involved.

I spent part of the afternoon beginning to clean up some of the bike parts so I can take pictures prior to listing them.  Working in my "garage" I have the best of all worlds.....I keep the TV on mute, and have 60's music playing at the appropriate volume level on XM need to have the football announcers telling me what I already know, and can see.....the best way to watch football!

Later that evening we watched a couple of DVD movies my daughter Meredith had given us a few weeks ago to watch.......World War "Z", and then "Man of Steel".....before heading off to bed around 11 was a nice day, and Plan "B" didn't turn out too bad!

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