Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rivalry Saturday....

Saturday's weather was mostly sunny, and almost balmy......a wonderful Fall day to be sure.

This is always one of my favorite college football days when long time rivals square off on the gridiron.....Michigan came within one completed pass of upsetting rival Ohio State.  Underdog Auburn beet 'Bama in the most spectacular end to a football game (college, or professional) I have ever seen.  It was a great day of football, and a great evening for spending more time with family and friends.

But, before all of that we had a 5 hour shift to serve in the Kiosk from 9 am to 2 pm.  We were thinking the traffic on Saturday would be light after the normal early morning rush of fisherman, and for a while it was like that, but ultimately the traffic during our 5 hour shift was steady and kept three of us busy the entire time.  The first rivalry game of the day was at 9 am, so I could only follow the game by checking the score of the Michigan vs. Ohio.  It came down to a missed two point conversion that separated Michigan from victory.  

TLE left the Kiosk  when Marie came on duty at 1 pm to go do some shopping, and I stayed on to finish the shift.  By the time I got home the #4 Auburn vs. #1 Alabama game was in full swing.....the lead changed hands numerous times during the game with both teams coming up with big plays when it counted, but it all came down to a missed field goal attempt by Alabama with 1 second left that was caught in the end zone and returned over 100 yards for a touchdown by Auburn.  My USC lost the nightcap to UCLA, and were never really ever "in" the game

Around 3 pm our kids began to arrive at RJRP for an early evening fire, and dinner.....TLE had prepared her famous Jambalaya, and I took care of the fire.  We also invited long time friends Bill and Carol whom we know from our days of involvement in the local AYSO soccer region going back to the late 80's....of course they also know all of our children from that same shared soccer experience.  We hadn't seen them for some time, so it was sweet to sit around the fire reminiscing about days gone by, getting current on each others lives, and talking about our life on the road.  Carol is very interested in doing something similar, but I'm not sure Bill is on board quite yet.....I just know he'll come around.....:D

We sat around the fire for almost 6 hours laughing, listening to 60's music, and watching the various college football games in progress.  I was tending the fire when Nick, Kate's boyfriend, called me over to the TV to see if Alabama could win their game with the aforementioned field goal.....if he hadn't called me over just then I would have missed the most amazing finish, as previously mentioned, to a football game ever.....just as I walked up I saw the field goal attempt come up short, and then saw the Auburn player catch it in the end zone and begin his historical 105 yard run for the winning touchdown......thank you Nick!

Around 10 pm we began to break up the party.....we had an early morning on Sunday....we get to open the Kiosk at 7 am, and needed to be there by 6:30 iniquitous hour to be awake.

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