Monday, December 2, 2013


As I left off in my last entry we arose at the ungodly hour of 5:30 am Sunday.....I really don't like waking up when it is still dark....reminds me of the days when I did that on a regular basis to be sure I could comply with a schedule designed by someone else.  While there are some things I got up early for in my prior life I being a soccer referee, or going mountain biking....most of the other things I don't miss even a little bit.  I'm pretty sure I won't miss getting up at 5:30 am after we start rolling our wheels again, but for now it is what it is, and it is only a couple times a week.

When we open the Kiosk my job is to raise the three flags that fly over the park every day.....Stars and Stripes, California State, and Riverside County.  TLE pulls the cash out of the safe, and counts it before putting it in the cash register drawer.  It only takes about 10 minutes and we are ready for the 7 am opening of the park.  It was a surprisingly easy morning, and by the time we were off at 9 am it was even slower.  Most of the traffic was that of those exiting the park to head back home to their workaday lives.

After the vacuum

We were allowed to leave our 5 hour shift early since we had to move our "home" back to site 258.  Of the 6, or 7 RV's that came in as a group (the people in our site being part of the group) our site was the last to be vacated at around 12:30.  Once they were out we were able to complete our relocation within about 10 minutes.....the rest of the afternoon was spent setting our space back up for the remainder of our stay here in RJRP.

In between all that activity I had the NFL on in the background........for me the best game of the day was the Broncos vs. Chiefs game, which came down to the Chiefs failing to convert on a fourth and 4 inside the Bronco 20 yard line .  I'm a Broncos fan, and have been going back to the John Elway days.  The night cap found Peyton Manning's brother Eli (Giants) outlasting RGIII and the Redskins in another good game.

I was still putting up our awning lights as the sun set, but that was the last major thing I needed to do Sunday....there are a few other small details I'll take care of Monday, but then we will only have to worry about the periodic Santana winds that swoop down on us forcing us to put in the awnings, and stow our patio furniture in the trailer so it won't be blown into the Santa Ana River.

We finished off the night by watching Amazing Race, and then the was a very nice Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, friends, football, and good turkey.

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