Friday, December 13, 2013

SD - Day # 8

So, for the daily weigh in report.......(drum roll please).......I am officially down 1 pound to 204 from yesterdays 205!  So far in the 8 days of the Subway diet I have only one day with no weight change, and one day with a 1/2 pound gain, but every other day has seen weight loss.....I am still amazed.  Obviously, this diet is not for everyone, but it sure is working for me.  I was talking with TLE about this, and she believes I'm doing well because I have total control over everything I eat now. Before I was dependent on her for each meal, and there were always seconds available.  I was reading about Jared Fogle and that Subway attributes fully 1/2 of it's growth in the past 10 years or so to the Jared Fogle ads they have been running.....that is amazing.  Every Subway I have been in is always jammed at lunch time, and dinner.   He now has a net worth of $5,000, Subway has apparently rewarded him well.  I'm not planning on any Subway commercials, but it is noteworthy that you don't have to weigh 450 pounds to lose weight eating Subway subs every day, and I guess that is what is so interesting for me about this diet, and I hope others will take heart and give it a try if nothing else has worked.

There are no new vehicles to report on as I took a day off from the "hunt"......TLE and I are rethinking the type of vehicle we are looking for.....haven't given up on the Jeep idea yet, but looking at other options.

Our friends Steve and Candy left Thursday to head back to their sticks and bricks home until after Xmas, then off to Arizona and Lake Havasu for New Years for them, then Quartzite, and into Texas.  TLE and Candy had several long walks together getting caught up on each other's lives over the 4 days they were here, but eventually it was time to say "until next time"....we hope we can hook up with them in Arizona, or Texas later in the Spring.

Until next time Steve and Candy!!

While Steve and Candy were getting ready to leave I started and finished a new lighting project.  I've had two 15' foot spools of outdoor, waterproof LED strip lights that I've stored in the trailer for about 2 years now just waiting for the time, and inspiration to install them under the coach.  It took a little over an hour, but here is the result!  I'm going to install the second strip on the driver's side next week......looks very cool!  Plus it puts a little light on the step and area around the entrance to the coach.

Did some computer work the rest of the always surprises me how fast the time melts away when I'm working on setting up a computer.  I needed to transfer some more data from the old laptop to the new one, and install a new program, plus I was trying to get the scanner to work the end I was successful, and I actually got it set up to work better with the new computer than with the old.

I stopped by Ace Hardware a couple of days ago and picked up some rope lights and an Xmas stocking to hang on the back of the coach.....starting to look like Christmas for sure!  I think I'll add some more mini lights over the next week, and, of course there must be a tree.....of course.

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