Friday, December 6, 2013

3 in 1

Our Thursday can be broken down into 3 equal parts......1) finish taking the Specialized MTB apart, clean up the parts, and get them ready to list on eBay, 2) take a bike ride and 3) visit with another good friend.

  TLE went to take a walk around 9 am while I got back to work on the deconstruction of the Specialized MTB, started the process of checking each component to be sure it is functional, as well as cleaning each one in preparation for taking pictures, and then listing them on eBay.  TLE returned from her walk about 10 and headed off to do grocery shopping.  It took me until almost 1 pm to finish the cleaning process, and by that then it was time for me to take my bike ride to the top of Mt. Rubidoux once again.

The bike completely taken apart

The temperatures all day had been quite cool, and as I started off on my ride I was concerned, at first, that I had not dressed warmly enough, but within 5 minutes my body was up to operating temperature and I was feeling good about my clothing selection for the ride.  As you will recall, my last ride to the top took me just over 30 minutes to cover the 4.5 miles, and some 600 feet in elevation gain.  I am pleased to report that I have now cut the summit time down to 28 minutes 33 seconds.    My conditioning is returning slowly, but I am happy so far with my progress.  The views from the top were quite spectacular, and I wish I had taken the time to take at least one picture, but I had not had lunch yet, and my next stop was Subway for a foot long sandwich, so I started my descent back down the the mountain.

I'm sure many of you remember the young man, Jared Fogle, who lost 245 pounds in one year by eating only at Subway.....he would eat a 6" turkey sub sandwich for lunch with no cheese, no mayo, no oil, and then a 12" veggie sub for dinner.  Well, I'm going to try that for the next 55 days......all I need to lose is about 25 pounds, so I will keep you posted on the results.  Even before I started my Subway diet, I had been eating a little less, and moving a little more (walking and riding my bike) and as of this writing I've already shed 3.5 pounds.

By the time I arrived back home TLE had been home for a while, and had already finished putting away the groceries.  Around 4 pm our good friend from our last sojourn here at RJRP, Amos, arrived to visit for a while.  He was the maintenance supervisor at RJRP before his retirement, and lived in his trailer Monday through Friday, right next to us for most of the year we were here.  Every other weekend his wife Cindy would come and spend the weekend, and then on the alternate weekend he would go home to Banning.  We spent many evenings with he and Cindy around our campfire.  Since we left in February of 2012 Amos took disability retirement from the County of Riverside due to recurring cancer.  He has been on chemo for the last 18 months, and it appears that the cancer is at a standstill for now.....he looks great!  It was wonderful to see Amos, and spend a few hours catching up.....he has a wonderful attitude about his situation, and is just trying to live every day of his remaining life to the fullest.....yes he is terminal.  He is one of those people who has led a very full life doing the kind of bucket list things throughout his life that we all wait too long in life to start doing.  He says he has no current bucket list, but is just spending time with all the people who have been apart of his life, which has involved a lot of traveling all over the USA......he just returned from a trip to Colorado a few days ago.

While we were visiting with Amos my daughter, Meredith, dropped by on her way home from work, and the four of us continued talking until after 8 pm.  In one of Amos' many incarnations he was an executive chef at a large country club in Colorado, so he and my daughter have a lot in common.....Meredith is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu School of the Culinary Arts in Pasadena and has worked for several well known restaurants.

Well, that was our "3 in 1" Thursday......thanks for stopping by!

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