Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Good Friends....

Sunday night we slept with the bedroom window on my side open.....I have missed that sooo much!  I have gotten so much in the habit of closing up the coach at night due to extremely cold temperatures I had forgotten how nice it is to have a window open at night.  For reasons unknown to me I just sleep more soundly.

After I posted my blog entry detailing Sunday's adventures, and put in a call to take care of a question one of my clients had TLE and I headed over to clean one of our two cabins.  One thing we have learned from our experience here two years ago is that on long weekends the cabins get a little dirtier than normal, and cabin # 2 was no exception.....normally it takes us about 40 minutes to clean a cabin, but today it took 90 minutes.  It's all good though.......where do we have to be, right?

Well, on this day I had a lunch appointment with a long time friend Theda Mae, whom I first met back in August of 1981 when I started a new job working at an insurance agency owned by a friend of mine.  Theda and I share the same birthday, so we have always had a common bond, and have remained good friends over the years even after we went our separate ways to work for different brokers.  Usually, when I was in town, we would have lunch on, or near our birthday each year, but I've been out of town for our last two birthdays. We met at the Golden Spur Restaurant in Glendora where we had many lunches back in the 80's and 90's.  Since we are both retired we had the luxury of just sitting and talking for over 2 hours.

After we said our "until next times" I headed down the street to visit my good friend Gary, the one who owned the insurance agency I went to work for when I first met Theda.  I stopped in unannounced, but, fortunately, he was in his office so we sat and talked for about an hour.  Gary and I go back to our college days, and worked in the same insurance agency after we graduated.  Starting in 1981 I worked as office manager in his agency for over 10 years before moving to a brokerage in Arcadia, CA.  Back in those days I played a lot of golf, and he and I would meet at a local municipal golf course at 6 in the morning some days to play 9 holes before work.  I eventually became more involved in soccer and mountain biking and haven't played golf very much in about 20 years.

I left Gary's around 3:30, and made my last stop around 4 pm at the Ontario Mills to have new batteries put in 6 of my watches.....well 5 of mine, and one of TLE's.....at $10 a pop that was an expensive stop!

Finally got back "home" by 5:15 just in time to watch the MNF game between the Seahawks and Saints, which was won handily by the Seahawks.  I know my friends Bob and Karen who live in Washington will be very happy....right now the Seahawks have the best record in the NFL.

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