Sunday, December 8, 2013

And it rained......

We began our day in the Kiosk at 9 am expecting rain at any time.....well, actually, I began MY day.....since there was already another person on duty in the Kiosk I took the first 2.5 hour shift, and TLE came in at 11:30 to relieve me.  Since the two fishing lakes had been stocked with trout by the County on Friday there were a lot of fisherman, even though it did start raining about 9:30.....those fisherman are a hearty lot.

I wore my rain parka so I stayed pretty dry.  When TLE relieved me at 11:30 I drove into the Subway for my daily sub fix......Saturday it was the roast beef sub....I had considered the hot pastrami sub, but that mouth drooling sandwich comes in at over 1100 calories, so I stuck with one of the 620 calorie subs.

Saturday was also college football day, and there were some great games on tap.  First up was OU vs. OST (Oklahoma U vs. Oklahoma State U).....our friends Jeff and Pam in Muskogee, OK are very happy today as OU, the underdog, beat OST .  Next up was Auburn vs. was a wild, crazy, high scoring game with Auburn coming out on top was a close game until the middle of the fourth quarter, but Auburn pulled away to get the win.  Auburn needed a little help from Michigan State over Ohio State, though, to get to the BCS National Championship game, and they got it as Michigan topped undefeated Ohio State 34-24.  So Auburn will most likely play Florida  St. in the big game.  Stanford beat Arizona to go to the Rose Bowl to meet Michigan State.

TLE got back "home" just before 2 pm, and we spent the rest of the afternoon, and evening watching the aforementioned games.....I happened to look out the window just as this amazing sunset was happening, so I ran outside to catch the end of it.

We enjoyed the day inside staying warm and glad it doesn't rain for days on end here in SoCal.....the rain ended about mid afternoon, and Sunday's forecast shows no rain.  I spent part of the afternoon listing some more of the bike parts from the Specialized MTB on more batch remains for Sunday.

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