Sunday, December 22, 2013

SD - Day # 17 - Kiosk, another bike, and dinner

My friend, Tom McCloud who retired just a few months ago, calls today "first Saturday", and Monday "second Saturday" and Tuesday "third Saturday" get where I'm going, I'm sure.....of course Sunday is still Sunday.....a lot like Saturday, but still Sunday.  Before he retired I had been telling him that every day feels like Saturday once you are know that feeling when you wake up on a given Saturday thinking at first you have to get up and go to work, and then seconds later realize no you don't have to go to's Saturday!  I have the feeling every day since I retired, and, apparently, Tom does too.  It seems like the more retired I get the busier I just seems like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything I "want" to do.....get that phrase...."WANT to do"......not "HAVE to do".

Before I go on here is my daily weight report: 203.0.....:(.......the penalty for too many taco chips last night.  No beer was consumed, and no diet drinks.....just water, and a single glass of red wine.

We started out the day with Kiosk duty at 10 am....this was a 4 hour shift, so TLE and I basically split it....I worked 10 to 1, and TLE 11 to 2....worked pretty well.  Saturday was the day after the most recent trout stocking of the two fishing lakes by the state and county, plus the weather was spectacular, so we had a LOT of fishermen coming into the park most the of day.  I like it when it is busy, because the time flies by.  Around noon time I make a quick trip up to Subway for my footlong sub, and arrived back at the Kiosk to eat my lunch by 12:30.  Ranger Robyn had organized a potluck Xmas lunch for staff, so all of our fellow volunteers showed up between noon and 1 for the free food.  TLE related that my daughter Sharon had called about having dinner with us Saturday night so I called her back and we made arrangements to meet at Zendejas Fresh Mexican Grill in Ontario at 5.  This has been one of our favorite local Mexican places for a couple of decades.

I had made arrangements earlier to meet a young man over in Ontario near our old sticks and bricks home to look at his full suspension Azonic MTB.  He has exactly the kind of bike for which I am looking.  I headed over to Creekside around 1:30 to meet Efrin at 2 pm.  He was a few minutes late, but the bike was worth the wait.  We dickered a little, and got the price down to $240, and then traded greenbacks for aluminum.  I had to take the wheels off to get it in the VW, but the frame fit easily....the wheels went on the passenger seat.

As soon as I got home I set about cleaning it up good enough for a few pictures, then posted my find on Facebook. Someone out there may be interested in the whole bike, and in fact I had a couple of inquires by early evening.  It it doesn't sell as whole in a few days, I'll begin the disassembly process and list the individual parts on eBay once again.  This bike should do very, very well on eBay.

We met Sharon, and her boy friend, Rod at Zendejas and had a delightful time talking, eating, and more talking for over 2 hours.  I think that's the first time we have had dinner with just Sharon and Rod.  We like Rod a lot, and think he is a good man....of course we are hoping their relationship will go to the next level....a proposal of marriage....that would make us very happy.

We had an early, iniquitous Sunday morning coming up at the Kiosk, so we headed to bed before 10.

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  1. I think it is interesting in what you do with the Mtn Bikes. How do you know which ones you will purchase or are you looking for something special? If you are parting out a bike what do you look for?

  2. I'm usually looking for a bike 6-10 years old with higher end components......usually disc brakes, mid to upper range Shimano components, preferably full suspension. No particular bike make, or model.


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