Friday, December 27, 2013

SD - Day # 22 - Even Steven

I am pleased to report trumpet scream from the highest mountain top that I have stayed below 200 lbs now for 2 consecutive days.  Of course, who doesn't want to see a weight loss every day....well every day when you are trying to lose weight, right?  After spending most of the last week bouncing above and below that mark I am content to say I'm "Even Steven" this morning at 198.6!  I was commenting to TLE Christmas day that I wore my heretofore jeans for 4 hours with no discomfort.....those 36" waist jeans I bought at the Goodwill in Polson, MT fit perfectly now.  There are a few other pairs of jeans I'm looking forward to wearing's nice to have a 36" waist again.......those 34" waist jeans I bought at the Goodwill in Spokane a couple of summers ago because they were brand new and only cost $3.99 may come out of storage soon!  When I bought the ones in Polson I really should have bought 38" ones, but then I thought I would just be giving up.....I'm glad I didn't give up!

Thursday was a delightful day....a day, finally, where we didn't spent half the day in the car, which we have done a lot of lately.  I spent most of the day cleaning bike parts so I can take pictures of them, and then list them on eBay.  That was pretty much my day.....the kind of day I enjoy a lot.......60's music playing at the proper volume in the back ground with no one suggesting a lower volume........the trailer door wide open letting in the 80's weather....and putting shine back on old, dirty bike parts.  The only time I left RJRP was to purchase my usual footlong club at Subway.

TLE had a project also......our VW came with a dashboard cover that was not quite the right size so she spent the afternoon removing the seam binding from it, cutting it down to size, then sewing on the seam binding again.  It came out she just has to cut the holes for the speakers and it is done.  I will take a picture of the finished product when she finishes.  She has a few other projects lined up, and "we" will get to them in the next few assistance will be required.

One thing I almost forgot, around Noon we got a call from the Kiosk advising the tenants in Cabin #2 were checking out, which meant we had to get it cleaned so the next tenants, arriving at 2 pm, could check problem there......we can, and did, turn a cabin over in about 40 minutes if it is not too dirty, and this one was not very dirty at all!  I was just finishing a bike part when TLE let me know about the cabin, so I finished what I was doing and then walked over to join her, and we were done before 1 pm.

I had recorded a few black and white movies on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) on Christmas that we watched in the evening......."Carefree" (Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers), "Narrow Margin" (Charles McGraw and Jaqueline White), and "The Bishop's Wife" (Cary Grant and Vivian Leigh)....the Bishop's Wife is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies and we watch it at least once a year.

Another day lived well spent with my best friend........thanks for stopping by!

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