Saturday, December 7, 2013

SD - Day # 2

Friday was Day # 2 of the Subway Diet....I think most diets don't work, for me anyway, because you must change what you eat so dramatically during the diet that when you finally reach your weight goal you fight this continual temptation to go back to your "comfort food".  Personally, I have always liked Subway sandwiches so deciding to have one every day for the next 2 months is pretty easy.....right now....the trick will be when I hit my weight goal not to go back to the volume of food I was eating before, and to keep moving more than I was before I started the "moving" I mean regular exercise.  For the next 53 days I'll be eating one foot long Subway sandwich per day.....there are a number of low calorie subs on the menu.....most of them are around 620 calories for a foot long sandwich.  Right now I'm ordering the Subway Club which has a couple types of meat, 4 slices of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.  I eat one half at lunch, and the second half for dinner.  If I need a snack to make it to dinner TLE gives me a plate with a few carrots, and a few pieces of celery.  For breakfast she gives me oatmeal.  All this totals less than 1000 calories a day.  Naturally, beer is not currently part of my good dark beer is close to 200+ calories....that is a diet buster.  Part of the trick is to have enough energy to also exercise and keep my metabolism at an elevated level.....the other part is to not get bored with my food options.  I am happy to report that I lost another pound on Friday for a total so far of 4.5.  I realize that weight loss tends to be uneven, and that I won't lose a pound every day on this diet, but it won't hurt my feelings if I do.

After breakfast TLE and I took a fast walk around the park.....there is a walking path that encircles the Cottonwood campground where we are staying, and one complete loop around it comes to just over .8 miles.....we did two loops for a total of 1.75 miles, but at a pretty fast pace.

After returning I headed into the trailer to take all my eBay pictures of the bike parts, plus write a description of each part along with part #'s, etc......that took the rest of the morning.  When I am doing this kind of work the time just seems to melt away.  I came up with 18 items off this current bike to list on eBay.....just to clear....not every component on every bike is salable on eBay, but being able to sell 18 components out of a possible 22, or 23 is pretty good.

Once I had all my pictures, and descriptions finished I headed back into the coach to start listing the items on thing I have learned is not to list every item the same day....why?  If I do then they all close the same day and that is a lot of packing to do in one day!  Once I hit 6 items I called it quits for the day.....I'll list 6 more Saturday, and then the final 6 on Sunday.

As the afternoon stretched on the park began to fill up with the weekenders again.   This was not typical of weekends in December when we were here last time, but is probably indicative of the fact this park has been discovered by more local people over the past two years, and the relatively good weather we usually have in SoCal this time of year.....unlike that of many of our friends who are currently in Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, Montana, Oklahoma, and Texas who are having serious winter storms right now.

TLE had recorded the live performance of "The Sound of Music" Thursday night so we sat down to watch it around 9 pm after watching "Bones".  Obviously this is a stage version of the iconic 1965 movie starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, so the temptation to compare this live stage performance the panoramic movie version is unavoidable.  All things being equal we enjoyed Carrie Underwood's performance, but to be honest she is no Julie Andrews, and who today is?

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