Sunday, December 29, 2013

SD - Day # 24 - Up and Down

Looks like I'm into the rollercoaster faze of weight loss.....just one day back to my normal footlong club and I go back under 200 pounds once's weigh in news......198.8.  Order is restored, and now maybe I can make a dash down to 190 over the ne2 t couple of weeks.  I know I'm losing inches because my shorts are starting to move southward....I'll have to tighten up the draw string on them, instead of loosening it like I have been for the past 22 the way in another couple of days we will have been fulltiming in our coach for 2 years, 11 months and on the road for 23 months.

Saturday morning we had Kiosk duty once again at 10 am.  TLE headed over first giving me time to work on some more VW detailing, and take my bike ride.  Since there was already someone on duty until 11:30 we didn't think it necessary to have three of us cluttering up the office.  Around 10:45 I took my ride up to the summit of Mt. Rubidoux once again....I felt strong, but not strong enough to equal or better my personal best, nonetheless, I did top out at 25 minutes, 2 seconds, and once again continued on down the hill without stopping to catch my breath.  I was able to stand in the pedals all the way down again, too.

Just before I left on my ride my daughter, Meredith, stopped by to do her laundry.....seems the dryer at home is on the fritz.  After returning from my bike ride I took a shower and headed over to the Kiosk just after 11:45 to find TLE and Sara quite fact, our four hour shift was the busiest one we have had.  It probably owes to the fact this is really a holiday week.....we ha a lot of RV's coming into the park which is unusual on a Saturday.....usually by Saturday morning the weekenders have all arrived, but these folks are coming in for the New Years celebration and will be here until Thursday.  After about 30 minutes TLE suggested I take the opportunity afforded by a break in traffic to drive over and buy my footlong.  I arrived back just in time for the next rush, and it stayed that way until after 2:30 when I finally left Carolyn to handle the rest of the afternoon shift.

We had one of our cabin tenants check out during our shift, and the other will check out Sunday so we'll have two cabins to clean Sunday in preparation for their new tenants coming in Monday for the New Years.

After returning from Kiosk duty I took a short nap while TLE and Meredith went to TJ's again......when there is one so close you must go there often, right?  Then it was time to list the next batch of bike parts on eBay.

Sunset Friday night - forgot to post it

We spent the evening watching more old black and white movies (and one color one) we had recorded off the TCM network such as "Out of the Past" with Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas (1947), "Suspicion" with Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine (1941 Alfred Hitchcock movie), and a 1967 movie starring Tony Curtis called "Don't Make Waves" (comedy) set in Malibu, which also had Sharon Tate and Claudia Cardinale...which I don't recommend.......I'm sure it would be classified as a "c" movie....."b" at best.

Sunday is an "iniquitous" day so we were in bed by 10......

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