Thursday, December 12, 2013

SD - Day # 7

Wednesday was the 7th day of the Subway  Diet for me, and as I reported yesterday my weigh in showed another loss of 1.5 is inevitable that not every day will see weight loss, and even a day here and there were you go up slightly......this morning, Thursday, I weighed in at 205 even....1/2 pound up from yesterday.

When I left off I was going to take the 1987 Jeep Wrangler YJ (the red one) into my mechanic to be checked over.  TLE and I left to drive into Rancho Cucamonga to pick up the Jeep around 8 am, and arrived at Arnold's place of business around 8:30.  TLE followed me in the 'Bird as I drove the Jeep west to Upland arriving at Joel's Automotive by 9 am.  We were on a tight schedule to get back to Arnold before 11 am as he was going into meetings the rest of the day, and we were so sure this one would check out that after dropping the Jeep off at Joel's we headed down to our bank to get a cashier's check to pay for the 10 am we had the verdict....NO GO....there was damage to the transmission bell housing, a cracked exhaust header, the distributor was shot, and the brake master cylinder needed replacing.......BUT that wasn't what scuttled the deal.  I was willing to cover the costs of those repairs, plus a bunch of small stuff I could fix myself....the kicker was there were NO....I repeat....NO emissions controls whatsoever.  In order to get it to pass the emissions test I would have to install factory headers, the stock carbuerator, a new ERG valve, the oxygen sensor, and most likely replace the catalytic converter (plus a few other assorted items) at a cost of over $1,500.....and there was no guaranty it would pass then.  If I had just wanted it strictly for off roading I could have gotten a "green" sticker for it allowing me to use it only off road, but that's not what we need.  Sooooo, back to the drawing board again.  The one thing I have is time, and I'm getting to exercise my patience gene.

On the way home we stopped off at the local Subway (they are everywhere in this area by the way) and bought my foot long sub for the day...TLE got the veggie salad.....and we ate there before heading home.

Of course, I dug back into the Craigslist listings for Jeeps again as soon as I got home and found another one to look at just a few miles away.  As it turned out I didn't need to take this one in to be checked was a "dog"....a case where the pictures far exceeded the reality of the vehicle in person.  By the time I returned from that foray I was mentally done for the day with car hunting.....time to "wash" the 'Bird using the waterless system I've been using for several months now.  One thing I have to share that I haven't written about yet.....I'm still in my mourning on Monday while we were cleaning the cabins the wind came up suddenly, and a gust of wind caught the EZ-UP  canopy we had the 'Bird parked under causing it to collapse, resulting in scratches right down to the metal on the roof, the hood, and right front quarter hurts to see her damaged like that.  

The lighting wasn't good enough to get pictures of the damage to the hood and quarter panel.....initially I only noticed the damage in the above picture, but yesterday when I was cleaning her off I saw the rest of the damage.   So, before we sell her, we'll need to fix her....sigh.

We spent the evening watching the current episode of "Survivor", and then watched X-Factor (recorded).  It was a nice, relaxing evening......tomorrow the hunt for new transportation begins again.

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