Sunday, December 15, 2013

SD - Day # 10

You'll get a kick out of yesterday morning I get a "low battery" warning on the bathroom scales, so I put in a new battery late in the day.  When I go to weigh myself in this morning it comes up 205.5.....that's one and a half pounds more than yesterday.  So I ask TLE to weigh herself and hers comes up exactly 1.5 pounds more than yesterday.......hmmm....was I losing weight so fast because the battery was getting low?  I ate exactly the same thing as the day before and the day before, do you gain 1.5 pounds overnight?  I'm going to run an experiment later today.....after we get back from Kiosk duty (yeah, it's one of those iniquitous mornings again) and weigh something static with both batteries and see what happens.

We had Kiosk duty Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.....I took the first two hours and TLE served the last 2.  I had located a Mini Cooper over in Chino Hills we were interested in so when TLE got home from Kiosk duty we headed over to  Chino Hills to check it out.  We took it on a test drive and all seemed to be going fact I really liked it......until I began to smell the dreaded coolant smell....we pulled over in a Walgreen parking lot and found coolant dripping on the ground under the engine......not good.  We headed directly back to the owner's home and gave him the bad news.....oh well....on to the next one.....we'll be looking at a 2002 VW Beetle I said, we are broadening our selections a little.....we want something that can seat four reasonably sized people, but is small and sporty to some degree.  Up until the coolant incident I was reminded how much I like driving a Mini Cooper....we drove Chris and Cherie's about 11 months ago while we were in Cedar Key, and loved it!

Meanwhile the wind was pretty bad all day much so that they were not able to raise the flags at the Kiosk (U.S., California and RivCo flags)....even with two people it was just two windy to get them up.

There was only one notable college football game and that was the annual Army vs. Navy game, which Navy won again for the umpteenth consecutive time in a row.  I spent time looking for cars to go and see, but that was the extent of our day.

We got home from the aborted Mini Cooper test drive around 4:30 and headed indoors for the night....there would be no campfire this night......just too windy.

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