Monday, December 9, 2013

SD - Day # 4

Sunday marked day four of the Subway Diet.....I held steady with no change in my weight....these are always the days that bug me...the days with no loss, but I know I should be happy with 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week.  If only I wasn't so impatient....:D   It is interesting to me that once I do start something like this it is easy for me to keep it's just the  starting that is the hard part.

We had the first shift in the Kiosk Sunday morning so you know what that means.....up at's only twice a  week, so it gets a little less iniquitous each time we have to do it.  We had the usual early rush of fishermen, but once we got to about 7:30 it eased up quite a bit.  By the time Carolyn came in it was pretty quiet, so she dismissed us 2.5 hours early, and I was home in time to see the beginning of the first NFL games.

Both televised games featured venues in the east where it was snowing quite hard....Philadelphia and Washington D.C.  It was painful to watch.....made me so glad we are in SoCal right now.  It seems to be cold most everywhere, even in Arizona and Texas where you would think it would be warmer.  The Seahawks lost a close game (16-14), but my Broncos won going away.....55-28 and their place kicker set a new NFL record kicking a 64 yard field goal.  The Patriots came from behind for the third game in a row scoring 2 touchdowns in the last 30 seconds to win their game, and the Saints rebounded from their devastating loss to the Seahawks last Monday to beat the Panthers handily after a slow start.

Around 11:15 I decided to do my bike ride to the top of Mt. Rubidoux.  The temperature was around 52 degrees, so I wore a vest over my long sleeve shirt, leggings, and fingered gloves, but I never got too warm.  I set a new best time to the top.....26 minutes, 35 seconds.....almost two minutes under my last time on Thursday, and almost 7 minutes under my first time.  The biggest difference is that I am able to push taller gears during the climb to the top, and, therefore, sustain higher average speeds all the way to the top.  My endurance is increasing noticeably each time I take this ride.  I'm hoping I can break the 26 minute barrier the next time.  From the summit I headed into the Subway to get my final two meals of the day.....another foot long sub...I went back to the Subway Club that just seems to have more natural flavor with the three different meats they put on it.

Once again the proverbial vacuum kicked in and RJRP was pretty empty by 1 pm, and we now have the park back to ourselves for the next 4 days before the process once again reverses.

For the night cap we watched the finale of the "Amazing Race" and our favorite couple, Jason and Amy, won easily, and we chuckled a lot at the latest "Mentalist" episode before going to was a great Sunday, and the weather forecast for Monday is clear blue snow, no sleet, no fog, no clouds, no frost.

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