Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"This Is Iniquitous......"

There was a 1966 movie entitled "A Man for All Seasons" about Sir Thomas is one of my all time favorite movies.  At any rate, near the end of the movie when More has been imprisoned he is awakened in his prison cell very early one he gets up from his bed he says "This in iniquitous!"........iniquitous is a highly underutilized word, and I love when I can find a way to use it......TLE and I usually repeat this phrase on mornings when we are required to arise early, like Tuesday.  

As I walked from the bedroom  at 5:15 am to the kitchen to pour my first cup of coffee I heard TLE say in a somewhat husky, but alluring voice, "this is iniquitous".....and, indeed, it was.  Of course, our reason for ending our slumber so early in the morning was Kiosk duty once again.  After Tuesday we are off until Saturday at 9 am, but it still does not make getting up before the sun rises  any more enjoyable.

The day in the Kiosk started out slow, and remained slow all the way till Noon.  Around 8:30 I went back to the coach since it was so slow, and worked on taking the Specialized mountain bike apart I bought last week so I can clean up the parts, and then list them on Ebay.......around 10:30 I went back to the Kiosk to relieve TLE and finish out the shift, and then she returned to pick me up in the golf cart so we could clean Cabin #1.

We had Cabin #1 cleaned by 1 pm and headed back to the coach......I took an hour nap, and then around 3:30 we headed out on our tandem to do an 8 mile loop around Fairmont Park.  We have intended to start doing this loop several times, but there was either rain, wind, or some obligation that got in the way.   We had even intended to leave much earlier than 3:30 since sundown is at 4:40, but I got distracted trying to remove the crankset from the Specialized frame, and lost track of the time.  In spite of sundown looming just over an hour away, and the wind picking up we got on the tandem and headed out of the park.  We managed to do the 8 miles in just over 40 minutes, so our return was just before 4:15.  Thankfully the wind never got any worse, and began to subside by sundown.

Wednesday we must attend an mandatory driver education class....the same one we attended just over two years ago during our last stay at RJRP, and one that must be attended by all staff members (paid and volunteer) every 2 years.

That was our Tuesday.......

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