Saturday, December 21, 2013

SD - Day # 16 - Storage wars

I know I'm supposed to be writing about what happened Friday, but today's news takes a little precedence over least for the first my weigh in this morning I officially broke the 200 pound barrier for the first time in close to 3 years......I came in at 199.4!  I am still amazed at how such a simple diet can bring such dramatic results, but who am I to question, or complain......keep those Subway Clubs coming!

Friday morning I spent time wiping the rain off the Beetle, and continued to clean the interior until around 10:15 when we had to get ready to drive into my son's office to go through the rest of what we have stored there, sorting out the things we no longer need, and setting aside Xmas decorations the three girls may want to keep.  TLE found my year books from junior and senior high school, and our college year books.  I need to scan pictures from the high school ones so I will have them handy when I need room in the coach for a bunch of year books.

We spent a couple of hours sorting through our stuff, much of it I had forgotten about, so we began to create 3 piles.....stuff to toss, stuff to donate, and a very small pile of things to bring home....the donate pile ended up quite large....the biggest, by far, of the three piles.  I have a lot of backpacking stuff that is sitting unused, but I don't want to get rid of it, so I gifted it to Chris, my son, in the hopes he and his son will get more use out of it that I am.

A little after 1 pm we headed over to Fontana to look a potential bike I wanted to purchase to part out on eBay, but like many things on Craigslist the pictures looked way better than the reality.  The shock was low end and in NON-repairable, so I politely passed and we headed to the Subway on Rubidoux Blvd. to get my last two meals of the day.  After lunch I spent the rest of the day finishing the cleaning of the Beetle. Earlier in the morning I had discovered that two lug bolts were missing on the on the left rear, and one on the front.  We had stopped at the VW dealership just off I-15 on our way into my son's office and picked up the two bolts for about $8 each.....a very fair price.  I installed and torqued them, then continued working on the inside until the daylight gave out.

Before going in I put up some more Xmas lights we had found in a box at the office to add a little more Christmas cheer to our site, but the cold, damp night air chased me inside within a few minutes.....I'll have to finish that Saturday.  Speaking of Saturday there is another bike over in my old neighborhood I want to look at.....the pictures and description look good, but we shall see how reality compares!

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  1. A suggestion on the yearbooks. Instead of scanning them, take pictures with your phone. Much faster and good high quality images.

  2. That is a great idea...thank you very much!


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