Monday, December 30, 2013

SD - Day # 25 - Week 17, Santanas and 200.8

The Santanas came again, but not with the initial ferocity we had been lead to expect by the "guessers", so we did not have to get up in the middle of the night to take down the patio awning, or window awnings.  Even as we headed over to our Kiosk duty about 6:30 they were still not bad.  However, about 8:30 I had to leave the Kiosk to go back and put the awnings down as the wind was gusting up to 30 mph.  With the help of a neighbor I got the patio awning down in a couple of minutes, and then went back to the Kiosk.  As we had suspected there was not a lot of traffic due to the winds....I think we sold two fishing permits during our 4 hour shift.

From our Kiosk duty we went directly to clean Cabin #2, which took around 35 minutes....we love it when tenants leave the cabins just like they found them.  Then, all we have to do is basically sanitize them, clean the floors, and put out new linens.  

Naturally, with the advent of the New Years celebration coming in just a few days the park began to fill up on Sunday.....not empty out as is the norm.  I spent the better part of the day watching week 17 of the NFL season.  There were a number of great games throughout the day interspersed with several nice naps.  The night cap saw the Cowboys come up 2 points short in losing to the Eagles.  On another note, Peyton Manning threw 4 more touchdowns raising the regular season record to 55, plus the Broncos set a new regular season record by scoring 603 points in 16 games.

I'm still on that weight loss roller weigh in today was 200.8.  All I can do is remain patient, and keep doing what I'm doing and I know good things will continue to happen on that front.  I had intended to ride, but the winds did not abate until late in the day.

I got a few more parts from the latest bike listed on eBay.....right now I have 22 items up for auction so this time next week I will be busy packing things up for shipment once again.

That was our low key Sunday.......thanks for stopping by!

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