Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I write occasionally about the nomadic community that exists out here in the hinterlands created through friendships formed while traveling hither and yon, to and fro across our great land.  It is precisely that community that creates the sense of continuity us nomads need.  When we find we are getting close to friends as we crisscross the country we all make an effort to meet up.  While TLE and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time of solitude these past 7 weeks where we have been able to recharge our social batteries, we love it when we can hook up with friends.

When we arrived back at Goosenecks from our ERS adventure on Monday there was a 'Post-It' note from good friend Brian Gore (Goin' RV boondocking) on our door announcing his unanticipated arrival.......the note read "You just can't get away from us.....Brian and Arlo".

As we were exiting the cab of the tow truck I remember commenting to TLE that there was a 5th wheel way down the dirt road, which was the biggest rig I had seen go down that far.  Within seconds I found Brian's note and told TLE I should have known that it was Brian down there.  Brian is a died in the wool 'boondocker' going way, way back, and he loves to get his rig as far off the pavement as he possibly can.

Brian's 5th wheel in the distance hugging the edge of the abyss

Then Tuesday afternoon friends Linda and Steve arrived in their Travel Supreme class A diesel pusher (nicknamed 'Scoopy') as expected.  We first met Linda and Steve in Cape Blanco at nomadic get-together this past September and had an immediate connection. We talked about trying to hookup down the road, and since then we have been trying to hook up with them, but our paths never quite converged until now.  They were down near Shiprock, NM a few days ago, and I commented on their Facebook 'wall' that they were only 125 miles from our location.  They had planned to head to Monument Valley from Shiprock, and then come to Goosenecks this Thursday, but when they found out we were leaving on Thursday they changed up their plans to come here to Goosenecks to spend a couple of days with us before heading back over to Monument Valley......that is what us nomads do.

Linda and Steve's class A nicknamed 'Scoopy'...about 200 yards from us.

Brian dropped by with his border collie Arlo about mid morning and we talked for about an hour about what we have both been doing since we last met up at the NFS land near Cottonwood, AZ.  Brian loves remote areas like this and says the solitude, and beauty of the area helps him clear his head so he can write.  As you will recall from past blog posts he is a writer of Westerns, and he's currently working on a couple more that I hope will be ready for publication soon!

Linda and Steve arrived a little after 1 pm just as the forecast winds began to blow......and did they ever blow!  I walked down to greet them while they were situating their coach in a site about 200 yards from us.  We talked for a few minutes and then I left them to take care of their 'set up' chores.  

The wind continued to accelerate throughout the afternoon hitting 35-40 mph at times.....certainly the worst winds we have experienced since Cape Blanco.  Linda knocked on our door about 3 and we sat and talked for about an hour before agreeing to meet at their coach for drinks and snacks at 4:30 (AST).

As is typical of nomadic convergences we talked non-stop until almost 8 pm (AST).....we wanted to watch the series finale of  "Justified" and the 8 pm show was the last of the night, so we said our 'until next times' meaning until Wednesday, and headed back to the coach for the evening.  I am so thankful we have Malibu lights out, because it was so pitch black dark that I could not see our coach, but could see the Malibu lights which guided us home.

The wind continued at a ferocious clip all through the evening and into the early morning I write it has calmed down to under 10 mph, so we're hoping the worst is past.

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