Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Live long and prosper...."

Real Saturday was was a balmy day in paradise.....around 11 we decided to take our daily walk, which this particular day ended up being just over 4 miles.....we decided to walk out Utah 316 for a change of pace, but just past the sign that announces to all that you are entering Goosenecks we spied a dirt road off the the left and took it instead. It petered out after a mile, but gave us some new views of the river canyon we had not seen before.  We caught this cool view of the coach on the way back to the pavement.....

As we were returning from our 4 mile Saturday walk it suddenly occurred to me the distant rock formation I originally thought looked like a 'peace sign' is really, in fact, the Vulcan sign for "Live long and prosper" I right, or am I right?

All that frivolity aside, what else did 'we' do (I think I'm probably using the royal 'we' here)?......around 1 pm I turned on the Masters Golf Tournament and watched it (off the inverter) until sometime after 4 pm when the last grouping finished their round.  It looks like Sunday has the potential of being a 'barn burner' as there are any number of folks at the top of the leader board who have a chance to win.

After that I took a chair along with my Kindle and a glass of ice tea over to the cliff's edge to sit, enjoy the view, and read for the rest of the day, or at least until 5:30 which is 'our' (not the royal 'our') happy hour.  During that time a young guy walked up to ask me about our first he thought it was a bus conversion, as many do, but I replied ", it's a Newell"....that's all I had to say, because he knew about Newells.  He, as it turns out, had just arrived with his family of 5 (3 kids) in a 35' BlueBird Wanderlodge (forward control with a 3208 Cat engine).  Next to Newells I love Wanderlodges.....they are so elegant looking.  We talked for about 30 turns out he (J.F.) and his young family began fulltiming about 1 year ago and are home schooling their kids as he works and they travel.  I love to see young folks buying, appreciating, and using these older coaches.  All that being said, I can't imagine TLE and I traveling in our 36' coach with 3 hat is off to you, J.F.!

J.F.'s 1984 Wanderlodge, 35'

TLE brought a bottle of 'Zin' out for happy hour, and we sat and watched the sun set one more fire this night as it was just enough breezy in the wrong direction that we did not want to be fighting the smoke.  Both of us sat there in short sleeves remarking about how warm it was at 5:30....usually we are starting to bundle up by that time.

For dinner TLE whipped up this amazing Anchovy Pizza.....I know, I know......many of you may be thinking 'YUK!', but it's all good......that just means more for me!  The best thing about Anchovy Pizza is the cold left overs the next morning......what?  You don't think Anchovy Pizza is a breakfast item?  Once again...good....more for me!

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