Monday, April 20, 2015

The deep cleaning begins......

For the first time in over two months I turned on no heaters of any kind Sunday morning....the overnight low was 52 degrees, and it only got down to 78 inside our coach.  The high for Sunday in Wittmann was 91 degrees so we (TLE and I) mutually agreed it was time to deploy our sun shade......based on our current orientation the passenger side of the coach gets sun pretty much all day long, so the sun shade creates a buffer zone of shade all day long.

As you will recall, we had wind about half the time we were at Goosenecks, and there was this fine red dust covering everything inside and out, and the trailer was just full of dust, so the first thing I focused on was vacuuming out the trailer, then driving.....that's right....driving the VW over to the concrete driveway of Tom and Darlene's attached garage to vacuum and wash her.  Just vacuuming out the VW took the better part of an hour, and then it was time to give her a good soaking and put a smile back on her 'face'.

The rest of the day was spent watching NBA playoffs, and I am happy to report that the L.A. Clippers won their first game at home against the World Champion San Antonio Spurs in convincing fashion.  I know, I know......the Clippers are not the Lakers, but they are from L.A. and other than the L.A. Kings (hockey) and Anaheim Ducks (hockey) there has not been much to cheer about in L.A. sports for a long time.

While we were in Flagstaff TLE made up a large batch of her famous lasagna (actually the recipe comes from my sister-in-law, Shannon Houghtaling, so it is technically Shannon's famous lasgna), so we shared that and some wonderful sourdough garlic bread for dinner with Tom and Darlene.

Also, for the first time since last September we ran our rear A/C most of the day and it performed flawlessly......those roof A/C's are 33 years old and they still blow 'ice cubes'.....amazing!

That was our Sunday......thanks for stopping by!

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