Friday, April 10, 2015

Not a breath

After four straight days of 20+ mph winds we awoke to clear blue windless skies.....not a breath of wind present.  One of my favorite things here at Goosenecks the first few days we were here was to sit outside early in the ay reading with the morning sun on the back of my recliner......feels sooo good to feel the warmth of the sun soaking into your body.

We are finding ourselves pretty much alone here mid week after a flurry of overnighters over the weekend into Monday and Tuesday....

.....not a soul visible in either direction.......just day trippers who we see 'racing' into the parking area 300 yards distant.....parking....getting out and taking a few pictures.....then back in their cars to race off to another photo op.   Of course, I cannot imagine leaving this place after 5 days alone 5 minutes, and I get to see the same amazing view every single day!

Late morning I walked over to the ranger kiosk to 're-up' for 7 more we'll be here until next Thursday then begin our meander back to Wittmann to visit with Tom and Darlene once again before heading to Yuma for TLE's dental work, then a 4 day 'sprint' up to South Lake Tahoe where we'll once again spend the summer.

For the second day in a row our batteries reached 100% charge, and by 1 pm no less.  Overnight last night we only lost 5%, so we are once again starting our day at 95% of full charge....very, very cool!

I took care of a couple of small repair projects first thing then spent part of the day trying to untangle a problem I'm having with my bank.....I say try, because I was mostly unsuccessful in my endeavor.  In some respects it is a minor issue, but sometimes frustrates me to no end.  The rest of the day I spent reading outside and inside.  Late in the day I turned on the Masters Golf Tournament and watched for about 90 minutes.  I'll be watching more Friday afternoon, and a lot this weekend.

Around 5:30 we convened by the fire pit outside to have a fire, observe the lengthening of the shadows, and watch the sun's decline into the western sky one more time.....we haven't been able to do that for the previous 4 days due to the winds....

 Nice to observe the setting of the sun outdoors once again

TLE went inside about 6:30 to make a salad, and bake some potatoes for dinner....I remained outside to BBQ another of the fabulous filets we bought at Basha's in Camp Verde a few weeks ago.  As we ate dinner we talked about how amazing it is that we 'get' to do what we are doing, and how we cannot imagine our lives being any different for a long time to come.  We still pinch ourselves every day to be sure this is not a is definitely not a dream, and we don't have to wake up from it.....every day still feels like the first day of this nomadic life, but we now no longer have the 'what the hell are we doing' feeling......after 37 months we definitely do know what we are doing, and that makes it even sweeter.

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  1. I do do love that place. Next door Valley of the Gods is an amazing visit too...and the Moki Highway as well. Ahhhh....memories!


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