Wednesday, November 16, 2016


4:46 am - Wednesday - 55 F degrees, 63% humidity, wind - calm.......forecast is a high of 70 F degrees.......a drop of 10 degrees overnight!  I'm up early as I must be at the surgical center for my cataract surgery by 7:15 am, which means we must leave Fontana for our drive to Upland by 6:15-6:30 am at the latest.......yeah, I know, it takes me a while to get going in the morning......:-)  I began my pre-operative fast at breakfast this coffee this morning.

Tuesday was to be the last hot day during our stay here......the next 15 days will see temps more in the range that I am used to for November in SoCal.....60's and 70' more AC!  Man, I really hate living in AC, but the alternative is even more in a 'tin can' without AC when it is hot (for me hot means anything over 85 F degrees) is not advisable.  So, while I hate AC, I am grateful I have AC that works so, so well.

Since I will be prohibited from doing much physically for the five days following my surgery I opted to dump the black tank a few days earlier than I would normally.....normally I would have dumped it Friday, or Saturday.  I also opted to take a last bike ride until after I am released to resume my normal physical activity next week.

 I headed out west on the PET around 1:15 pm hoping to do at least 10 miles out before the turn around, and ultimately top out at 20 miles for the ride.  Thank goodness the weather front moving in which will bring down the temps was beginning to arrive, and there was a good cloud cover as began my ride and we were already past the 'heat' of the day....... it developed I decided to turn around at Milliken Ave., which was precisely 10.12 miles 'out'.  The 'ride' back for reasons I have mentioned previously went faster than the ride out.  In all I covered just over 20 miles, my goal, and did that in about one hour and 35 was about 2:50 when I put my bike back in the trailer.

We were able to turn off the AC by 5 pm.....about 2 hours earlier than the norm the past couple of weeks as we saw the outside temp drop into the mid 70's.  TLE had me grill up some carne asada for a 'street taco' dinner.....thank you TLE!

Time go get ready for surgery!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It sure is nice to not have to live in A/C.
    Good luck with your surgery and a speedy recovery.