Friday, November 4, 2016


7:53 am - Friday - 62 F degrees (!!), humidity 40%, wind 3 mph out of north......we have indeed passed through the 'looking glass' into another world where heaters, slippers, watch caps and long pants are not thought not exist.

Thursday at 9 am was my appointment at Pacific Eye Institute (PEI) in Upland to have my consultation for my proposed cataract surgery on my left eye which has worsened significantly in the last 6 months.  In all I spent just under 2 hours having my eyes examined and tested, as well as dilated........I could have done without that.  At any rate, at the end of it Dr. Fabricant agreed I needed the surgery, and we set the date for November 16th.  I am going to get a conventional lens which will restore my distance vision, and I will wear reading glasses for, of course, reading.  

We were done just before 11 am, but the effects of the dilation stayed with me for hours (effects being blurred vision, sensitivity to light, etc).....I spent a lot of time with my eyes closed, but finally by 4 pm things began to return to normal.

On our way home we stopped at my son Chris' office to pick up our mail, which included our absentee ballots for the upcoming know, the one where we elect the next POTUS.  This year's California ballot has like three pages of 'Propositions' to which I mostly voted 'NO' of my favorites is the extension of a 'temporary' income was originally sold as a very, very temporary tax to balance the budget, and now they want to extend that 'temporary tax' for 12 more years.  Once government gets used to a revenue stream they just can't let it go.....well I say 'NO, NO, NO, NO!'.  From there we drove a couple of blocks to the local Rubio's for some 'Coastal Cuisine', which for me included their Original Fish Tacos.

We next stopped off at Lowe's to buy two concrete piers to which we can anchor our ZipDee awning......we are on asphalt, so we cannot pound any stakes into the ground for said anchoring, so these two 100 pound piers will give me some peace of mind when we are away from the is almost always windy here in Fontana/Rialto.

"I'll take two please!"

Now that we are back in town for the first time in 6 months our kids want to see us (go figure.......:-) so they set up a welcome home party at my son Tim's home for 6:00 pm Thursday.  TLE made up some of her amazing salsa, and some Mexican beans.

If you have been reading for any period of time you know there have been a lot of new babies born into our family and extended family......I have seen, and held Sharon's baby boy, Brayden James, but had yet to hold Jolene Rose, Kate's baby girl born in June.......

Jolene and Brayden facing off....

Holding Jolene Rose for the first time.....:-)

 Center....Danielle, my brother's daughter, with her new baby boy born 5 weeks ago....note, we are sitting outside, and no ski jackets are required!

All of us in one shot!

We had a wonderful time, and I am looking forward to many more hugs, kisses and bonding with my two new grand kids.  Since Friday is a work day for this gang (not for us!) we bid them adieu around 8:15 pm so they could get their kids to bed and get ready for one more work day before the weekend.

We were home by 9 pm......TLE did all the driving as my eyes were still recovering from the effects of the 'dilation'......all things are back to normal this morning!  We slept with ALL the windows open last night and the temp got down to 71 F degrees at its lowest.....much better than Wednesday night!  For those who may be interested it is currently 29 F degrees in SLT at 8:32 am.....nice to be home in SoCal!

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  1. Will be nice to get your eye fixed. The dilation is not fun but you better now.
    Looks like a fun welcome home party to visit the family. Plus the warmer temps.