Sunday, November 6, 2016

The end of DST.....

6:25 am - Sunday - 55 F degrees, humidity 60%, wind -, as of midnight we are back to 'standard time' more 'savings'.....I've always wondered what we were 'saving' can't put daylight in a bottle, or a bank account.....the sun is out when it is out.......wouldn't it make more sense if we wanted to have more daylight after work to just go to work an hour earlier and come home an hour earlier?  Then we wouldn't have to remember to change our clocks, and no one would be early, or late for church on Sunday.  Think of how much longer the stem on your watch would last if you didn't ever have to use it two extra times per year.  At any rate, instead of being 7:25 am, it is really 6:25 am.

We had plans to visit our kids around 3:30 pm, only this time at Nick and Kate's home (used to be our home) to see all the remodeling they had completed......they were just getting started when we left for SLT six months ago.  Since I had a few hours on my hands I decided to start troubleshooting my 'Jake Brake' issue.  Over the course of an hour I was able to trace the power all the way back to the back electrical panel, meaning there is no problem with the wiring for the first 36' I have to trace it from the back panel to the 'Jake Brake'......that last 6 feet will be the most difficult!  I was hoping it would be something obvious......oh well, the search will continue!

Since we were driving all the way to Ontario (about 30 minutes from where we are staying) we decided to leave a little earlier and visit an RV surplus store in Corona to see if they had any used RV seats (driver and passenger)......ours are 34 years old and while still quite functional (they are Flexsteel) they look a little 'down on their luck'.  Unfortunately, they only had one in which we were interested, and we would prefer two matching chairs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening at Kate and Nick's being joined by Meredith, Rod, Sharon and Brayden James........

 'Grandpa' getting some Brayden James time....

 Watching a little of the 'SC' game

Sharon holding Brayden James and Jolene Rose

Snacking at the new kitchen 'island'

We had a lovely time, and love all the changes Nick and Kate have made to the is now their 'home'......we were headed home by 7:30.......another good day spent with kids and grand kids!

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  1. Clark if you are coming to Cedar Keythis winter I live in Orlando that seats that you might be interested in. PM me at and I will send you pictures.