Saturday, November 12, 2016

On top again!

7:18 am - Saturday - 63 F degrees, 36% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north....partly cloudy skies are apparent, and slightly cooler temps in store for today.  Feeling buoyant and lighthearted.

We had discussed all week our desire to drive down to Riverside and hike the Mt. Rubidoux trail, which is one of our favorite urban hikes, but one thing after another seemed to intervene pushing off the day until Friday we decided....."Let's do this!", so around 9 am we jumped in the car and drove to the Mt. Rubidoux trailhead and began hiking around 9:30 am.....if you walk at a moderate pace you can do the round trip in about 70 minutes.  We picked a perfect day for our hike.....well, mostly perfect......we forgot that many, many people get Veteran's Day as a day off from work and school, so the trail was as busy as I have ever seen it.......

......the views were big and long, and in spite of not having really done any serious hiking for several months our overall conditioning was good......must have been that living at 6,300 feet elevation for 6 months..... took us about 40 minutes to reach the summit were we paused briefly to take the obligatory 'usie' and then began the 2 mile plunge back to the trailhead........

Our next task was to drive over to the Tyler Galleria to visit the local Kohl's to buy some new throw rugs for the Newell......our current set was purchased back in 2013 in Indianapolis, and they are now in need of replacing.  Kohl's has these great sales once, or twice a year on their throw rugs, and that is the time we choose to do our purchasing.  

Once that was accomplished we headed back to the Riverside Plaza where we planned to see the current 'Jack Reacher' movie (Never Go Back) at 12:25 pm.....we love this theater as they assign you a seat at the time of purchase, and the seats are electric leather recliners.......the perfect way to watch a movie.......since we were about an hour early we decided to get a 'shake' at a shop directly across the street from the theater.......Great Shakes

.......we each ordered the caramel amazingly decadent!

We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie and are so glad we waited a couple of weeks after its initial release to see it....I think there were 7 other people in the theater beside ourselves.

We were home by 3 pm, and began to get ready for dinner at the Elks Club.......hamburgers and fries for $6 each.......draft beer for $ those Elks drink prices!  We had a lovely dinner with Steve and Candy, talking a laughing for a couple of hours.  Of course, we also love the 'drive' home.....about 200 feet to our Newell!

It was a good Friday!  Thanks for stopping by!

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