Wednesday, November 30, 2016


8:17 am - Wednesday - 50 F degrees, 44% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northwest.....very clear blue skies.  Time to start putting stuff away!

Tuesday we had Santa Ana winds, but not too bad.....I think the worst wind was from 10 am to noon when it was blowing about 19-20 mph, but not bad enough to force us to stow the patio awning.  I had planned to make some minor repairs to the awning fabric, but opted to wait until Wednesday when it will not be windy at all.

TLE went shopping and I hung out in the trailer putting a few things away, keeping my phone close by as I had just called my friend Ruben at Kool Filtration to make an appointment for him to come and service our reverse osmosis system.  Ruben installed our original RO water purifying system in our Ontario home in 1987, and then installed one in our Newell in 2011 as we were preparing to begin our fulltime life.  The last time he serviced our Newell RO system was almost two years ago.  At the time we had purchased a second set of replacement filters from him so we could change the filters ourselves.  In the interim the ultra violet light which helps to kill unwanted microbes in our water supply had burned out requiring replacement, we needed to have our filters replaced, and our system inspected to be sure the 'membrane' was still good.  I had almost forgotten to call Ruben to come out before we leave on Saturday, and wanted to be sure I got his return call.

TLE returned around 12:30 and within an hour Ruben returned my call advising he could be at the Elks Club by 2:30 pm......perfect!  Just as I was hanging up from my call from Ruben TLE called me over to the pantry cupboard where it appeared one of the door hinges was coming apart, so I removed it and took it out to the trailer to attempt to fix it.  I was able to get it back together, but discovered when I went to reinstall it that I had put it together backwards.....doh!  So now I had to carefully unbend the piece I had closed with a pair of Channel Lock pliers.  It took me a while to fix my error, but I was successful and finally reinstalled it just before Ruben arrived.  It was good to visit with's amazing that it has been 27 years since we first met.  And now we are set for another year of purified water!

TLE and I spent the evening watching the 'Gilmore Girls' mini-series.....we managed to get through two of the four 90 minute episodes on Netflix before it was time to go to was just a few minute before midnight, which explains why we got up so late this morning.

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