Thursday, December 1, 2016

Zippity dooh dah......

7:29 am - Thursday - 45 F degrees, humidity 40%, wind 6 mph out of the north......high clouds.

Wednesday was the beginning of 'the long goodbye', or in our case, 'the long until next time' tour.  It's my least favorite part of visiting family and friends.  There were no remnants of wind left over from Tuesday so TLE and I got to work 'gluing' our awning fabric back together.  I wish I had taken 'before' pictures, but I am sure your imagination will suffice.  We have a Zip Dee awning on our 1982 is the original factory installed awning from 1982, and up until this year has weathered the years pretty well requiring just minor repairs, which we were able to effect on our own.  After our most recent Santa Ana winds TLE noticed that the seam in the middle of our awning had opened up meaning the thread used to fasten that seam 34 years ago is coming undone.  We first noticed this happening at Tahoe Valley Campground after a windstorm and quickly 'glued' it back together using the silicone based clear caulk I have written about previously.  Since the awning fabric, Sunbrella, is also silicone based this caulk is a perfect adhesive to bind the seam back together.  The part of the seam that came undone at TVC was the lower portion of the middle seam on our patio awning, and only the first 50% the seam was loose, so we glued that back.  A few days ago the other 50% of that same seam came undone along with several other seams, so Wednesday morning was dedicated to repairing those seams until we can get the awning fabric either restitched, or replaced entirely.  With TLE's help it took about 2 hours beginning to end using the silicone caulk to glue everything back together, and based on our past experience this could easily become a permanent repair, but we are more inclined than ever to replace the entire patio awning, so we shall see what we shall see!

 You can see the repaired seam where all the stitching has come undone

The 'underneath' view of the same seam, now glued

After the awning work I began in earnest to get the trailer organized for moving day which is coming on quickly now.  I put the Cannondale tandem away as well as the back/ab machine, and a few things off the workbench.......Thursday will see most of the rest of that organizing completed.

Around 3 pm TLE and I took an 'out and back' hike on the PET* enjoying the cool Fall air.....we finished the 3 mile walk in about 53 minutes.  As we walked that bittersweet feeling I always get when it is time to roll our wheels once again began to intrude upon my thoughts, but I quickly brushed away those thoughts.  

We had a date with Sharon, Rod and Brayden James for dinner at Fonda Don Chon (Mexican) in Rancho Cucamonga at 6:30, so we began our 30 minute drive over around 6 pm arriving just before 6:30.....

 Rod with Brayden.....Sharon married a good man

 Grandpa's buddy

You can see his two lower teeth!

.....this restaurant gets 4 stars on 433 reviews from is pretty solid!  Rod and Sharon arrived a few minutes after us.  The chips and salsa were great, and the food was very good.  We get spoiled in SoCal because there are soooo many great Mexican's really difficult to find a bad one!  By the end of dinner it was obvious that Brayden James was getting tired and ready for bed so we bid out adieus to Rod, Sharon and Brayden and headed for home.  I was struck by the fact that the next time we see Brayden James he will be walking and talking.

We watched 'Survivor' when we got home, and then continued watching the last two of the 4 episode 'Gilmore Girls' mini series finishing that a little after midnight......Thursday we get together with Kate, Nick, Elijah, Charlise and Jolene Rose for the last time this time around.

Thanks for stopping by!

*PET = Pacific Electric Trail

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