Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day, 2016

7:15 am - PST - Monday - 37° F, humidity 66%, wind 2 mph out of the north....clear.....forecast high 59° day coming up!

Christmas day dawned clear and cold and by 9:30 we were driving southward to Creekside (a subdivision in Ontario, CA) and the home (previously our home for 30 years) of Kate (daughter) and Nick (husband) for our annual Christmas Brunch and gift exchange.....

Left to right: Brayden James (grandson), Jolene Rose (grand daughter) and Daniel Christopher (great grandson)......checking out Xmas presents

Almost time for brunch!

The kitchen remodeling is done! is so wonderful that we can come to SoCal and see all 5 of our kids and their families at the same time.....they are a close group and spend lots of time together even when we aren't in town......that makes me happy!

 Annual Christmas group photo......19 strong.....Front row - left to right: Jolene Rose, Katie, Charlise, Nick; Middle row - left to right: TAR*, Elaine, TBL**, Cynthia, Daniel Christopher, Sharon (Brayden James out of sight), Elijah; Back row - left to right: Christopher, Lena, Chris, Tim, moi, Meredith, Rod

Our son Tim and his fiance, TBL**, were hosting Christmas dinner at their home (also in Creekside), so we had barely digested brunch when it was time to head over there around 2 pm for dinner at 3:30.....I don't think I've been hungry since Thursday.......

The tables are set......

The in-laws have arrived!

  Time to eat....again....

 Jack and Nancy (Nick's parents) bought matching pajamas for the kids and this picture!

Hanging in Tim and TBL's** backyard

 Time for the ubiquitous 'shots'!

My sons chose good women....TLE with TBL** and TAR*

It has been a whirlwind trip with non-stop socializing, and lots of hugs and kisses from our kids.......we are so happy we came for Mark's memorial service and were able to see the grief of our extended family transformed into joy over just a few days.....we wouldn't have missed it for the world.

We've had a wonderful time with Chris and TAR* at their home these past 4 days, as well as Nick and Kate, Rod and Sharon, Meredith, and Tim and Laila and all the grand cup runneth over!

TLE and I were home just before 7......kind of worn out from the past four days.....TLE went to bed almost immediately, and I followed within a couple of hours......we'll be traveling back to Wittmann Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by!

*TAR - The Amazing Rochelle
**TBL - The Beautiful Laila

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