Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Jello is jiggling......

8:48 am - Tuesday - 50 F degrees, 49% humidity, wind 4 mph out of northeast.....very, very overcast!

So, Monday was the day of our long awaited dental appointments at the office of Dr. Eva Urena in Los Algodones, Baja California, Mexico.  My appointment's purpose was to have impressions made for two crowns, and then to hopefully return in a week to have them installed.   I knew going in that it had been 7 months since my dental implant was implanted, so to speak, and that there was a chance Dr. Urena might have to do some prep work before the impressions were taken.  Normally the wait is 4 months, but we were in South Lake Tahoe all summer making the drive to Dr. Urena's office close to 650 miles one way.  TLE's appointment was to have  couple of teeth examined for possible cavities.

I originally made the appointments for both of us back in September and apparently got TLE's time wrong.....I had us both down for 11 am (Arizona time), however, TLE's was apparently at 10 am......my bad.  We arrived at the reception desk of Dr. Urena's office about 10:50 am thinking we were early, when actually TLE was 50 minutes late due to my mistake.  Nevertheless, they took TLE in immediately.  I had settled down to wait for my turn when she suddenly was there in front of me advising she was being sent next door to the endodontist (Dr. Hernandez) who would check her for a possible root canal......okay.....

My 11 am got moved back to 12 pm as a result of my error, but then I was in the hot seat and was advised that due to the 7 months which had passed she would need to shave a little bone away from the implant, which would require opening my gum, which would mean stitches, which would mean she could not take impressions until at least 3 weeks had passed, which means the crowns could not be installed until the four week mark.......hmmmm....that kind of changes our near term plans, right?  We had planned to be in Cedar Key by January 5th, and apparently I will still be in Los Algodones on January 5th!

While Dr. Urena was shaving bone, and stitching up my gum I heard TLE's voice out in the waiting room, so I knew she was back from her consultation.  Of course, my mind is still reeling from my news, and I'm wondering what TLE's status is regarding a possible root canal, etc.  So, Dr. Urena finishes with me and I walk back out to the waiting room and TLE gives me her news.......she has already had the first stage of her root canal and is now back to have a wisdom tooth pulled by Dr. Urena......oy vey!

As it turns out 3 weeks from Monday puts us to December 26th, and Dr. Urena will be on vacation, so the first available date is now January 2nd, which means that my crowns will not be installed until January 9th.....the Jello is jiggling, and now our plans to be in Cedar Key by January 5th have been altered dramatically.

We arrived back at the Newell around 2:30 pm and began to discuss new plans, which are still being discussed as I write this morning.......

Since both of us had dental surgery we are on soft food for 24 hours.....we decided to walk over to the Casino about 5 pm where there is a Starbucks and get some iced drinks......Mocha Frappuccino for moi.....I got the Venti.....felt good on my gum.  As we walked back to the Newell the sun was setting behind the local hills once again.....  

......for dinner TLE later made tomato bisque soup which really 'hit the spot'.  I watched a little of the MNF game between the Indianapolis Colts and the N.Y. Jets......that game ended up being a rout, and was ultimately won by the Colts 41-10, so I turned it off at the end of the 3rd quarter and started reading a good book.

We were in bed a little after 11 pm.......thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Good luck with getting this done. That is such the life of an Rv'er.


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