Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday hangover....

8:50 am - Mountain Time - Thursday - 51° F, humidity 64%, wind 1 mph out of southwest......very cloudy......☁  Did not sleep well last night.....serious post nasal drip going on, and a 'scratchy' throat.....maybe the beginning of a cold.....uggggh!

I spent a few hours Wednesday helping Tom work on his 1940 Ford Sedan......

.....he has removed all the windows and hardware to clean them before reinstalling them.  I worked on the vented windows located at the rear corners of the car indicated by the red arrow in the picture above.  Each of these windows had to be cleaned, and then masked so the metal frames of the windows can be painted black.  The project was 'tedious' as Tom says, but that is the kind of project I enjoy.....the time just melted away.

In the afternoon I began to feel like I was coming down with a first cold in 2 years.  Whenever we spend a lot of time where there are a lot of small children it is always a risk, and that is exactly what we did this past Christmas weekend.  I began taking ZICAM® before our trip back to SoCal and have been taking it since I returned, so we'll see how long the cold symptoms last.  The last few times I have felt like I was getting sick I began taking ZICAM® as soon as the symptoms presented themselves and I never really got sick.....I just felt 'punk' for a few days.

Once again there were several college football bowl games and I had one of them on most of the afternoon and evening.  TLE went shopping a couple of days ago and returned with a couple of filet mignons, so I got out the Sea-B-Que around 4:30 to grill one of them.  TLE added mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables as sides......the filet came out a perfect medium rare.

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