Friday, December 30, 2016


8:39 am - Mountain Time - Friday - 47° F, 63% humidity, wind 8 mph out of ENE......high clouds......forecast high 69° F.

I just realized last night....forgive me, I'm a little slow sometimes.....that there are no college bowl games on January 1st (Sunday)......only NFL games.  The bowl games traditionally played on January 1st will be played on January 2nd this year, so I guess this is the first time in a long time New Years has been on Sunday.  As you may recall from my most recent posts we are leaving Wittmann on Monday, January 2nd to drive back to the Quechan Casino.  The main reason, now, is that it will be raining Saturday night, and Sunday morning, or so the weather guessers predict.  I would be inclined to leave Sunday......most of the NFL games this Sunday do not mean much, but I'm not sure the dirt road will be driveable.....sooooo we leave early Monday in order to arrive early enough to watch the remaining bowl games.

I continued to feel under the weather Thursday, but there were a few things I needed to do before we depart......clear the partial clog in the bathroom sink drain, replace a screw on the radiator door on the rear of the coach, lubricate the hitch ball with grease, move the trailer forward and drop it on the hitch ball, reattach the sway bar, use my multi-meter to check the voltage in the wire running to the 'Jake Brake'.....yeah, just a 'few' things.  I got all my tasks done, and determined the 'Jake Brake' is getting at least 13 volts all the way to the valve cover, so the wire must have become disconnected inside the valve cover......that is officially way above my pay grade.....I was hoping it was the outside the valve cover.....bummer.  By the time I finished with those tasks it was going on 1 pm and I was feeling like s**t, as it were......TLE feels my forehead and tells me I've got a fever.....doh!

First I took a long, hot shower (I was filthy), took one more ZICAM® and two Ibupropens, drank a cup of hot honey tea and then took a long nap.  When I awoke around 3 pm I still felt bad, and my head felt like it was larger than normal.  I started coughing a little so I sucked on a RICOLA® (best cough drops ever!).....right now I'm must treating symptoms and hoping for the the best.  So far I've only had a couple of coughing spells, and no runny nose so far......that's the part I'm trying to avoid!  We had planned to drive into Peoria (near Surprise) to have dinner with my niece (Heather) and her family, but once the fever presented itself I figured I might be contagious, so we stayed point in passing whatever I have on to more family members.

I spent the evening dozing, and watching a couple more bowl games in between the dozing.  Thursday got pretty warm....the forecast high was 72° F, but it felt warmer than that.....maybe that fever was affecting my perception?  Hoping my condition improves Friday.

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  1. Nothing like spending Christmas with family, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.
    A friend recently shared an article about staying healthy with me and at the end of the article she said it stated, not in these exact words of course , if you have small children or grandchildren you are "screwed". Hope you feel better soon.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Yep.....when our 5 kids were finally out of school we stopped getting sick. Now, every time we journey to SoCal to visit the kids I start taking ZICAM as a precaution.......hopefully I won't get a full blow cold like my two daughters and grand children.


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