Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Eve, 2016

8:00 am - PST - Sunday - Merry Christmas!  38° F, humidity 82%, wind 6 mph out of east.....clear blue skies. Headed off for Christmas brunch with the kids and grandkids in an hour.

Saturday was Christmas Eve and it was cold and stormy looking, but we got no more rain......the view towards the local mountains out our bedroom window.....a little dusting of snow can be seen.......

.......view towards the Pomona can see forever....well, almost.....

.....we had a leisurely breakfast and son doesn't have NFL Sunday Ticket, so I'm missing that a little.....the only game on at 10 am was the Packers vs. the Vikings won by the Packer.  The afternoon game featuring the Raiders vs. Colts was won by the Raiders, but at a great cost.....Derek Carr, their quarterback, suffered a broken fibula near the end of the game, which means he is out for the season, and suddenly the Raiders' chances of going beyond the first round are not looking too good.

The original name of this brewery was Dale Brothers Brewing, however, it was discovered there was already another micro brewery on the east coast with this name, so this one had to change their name to 'Last Name Brewing'

TLE and I met my good friend Paul Hood at Last Name Brewing in Upland, CA around 1 pm.....Yelp gives them 4.5 stars on 227 reviews.  They only serve beer, but you can bring in your own food, which we did.  Paul made a quick stop at The Hat for a couple of their famous pastrami sandwiches, and some onion rings and met us at 1 pm at Last Name........this is a very popular place, and their brews are not to be missed.  I had a tulip glass of their Nitro Oat Meal Stout (11% abv), and so did TLE.  We chatted about an hour before bidding Paul adieu and Merry Christmas....we needed to get home to relax before our next Christmas party at the home of Chris' in-laws, Ed and Linda, at 5:30......I'm pretty sure I have not been hungry in about 4 days!

We haven't seen Ed and Linda since we headed out on our never ending journey almost 5 years ago, so we were looking forward to seeing them.  We have been very blessed with good in-laws, and Ed and Linda are no exception.  We had a wonderful time with them, but by 8:30 pm it was time to head for the barn.  

One more day of time with family, friends and relatives, and way, way too much food and we are off for Arizona once again.

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  1. Merry Christmas, nice to meet up with old friends again, travel safe.


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