Saturday, December 10, 2016

Light it up!

7:41 am - Mountain Time - Saturday - 44 F degrees, humidity 75%, wind 2 mph out of the north.......high clouds this morning, and the forecast for the near future is pretty much the same.....forecast high is 70 F degrees.

We spent part of the day deploying some of our Xmas decorations......we made a point of retrieving our small Xmas tree from my son's warehouse to bring with us as we will be celebrating Xmas on the road again this year.  TLE did a nice job of decorating it.....

.......I put up our regular decorative lights that we use whenever we are in one place for an extended time, such as we are now.  

I spent time cleaning the dust off our windows.....where we are staying most of the roads are not paved, and just driving into the property we are staying at covered everything in dust.  I'll be washing the exterior of the coach in the next few days, and especially all of the awnings as they haven't really been cleaned since our 6 month stint at SLT (South Lake Tahoe).

Around 5 pm we drove into Wickenburg to meet our friend Tom who drove in earlier with his daughter to prepare for the annual Wickenburg Parade of Lights.  It's not a highly organized parade.....all you have to do to participate is add your name to the parade list and show up with your vehicle decorated with lights.  After fueling up at a local station we arrived at the parade venue around 5:45, and the parade began promptly at 6:30 pm......

10 minutes until parade time!

And it begins!

.......I didn't take any pictures of the parade, but TLE got the sightly blurry one above.  I did do a Facebook 'LIVE' video which can be seen on my Facebook 'Wall' if you wish to view it.

We were home by 7:45 pm, and settled in to watch 'Gold Rush', 'Hell's Kitchen', and a recorded episode of 'Designated Survivor' before heading to bed around 11 pm.

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