Sunday, December 18, 2016

Real Saturday.......

8:08 am - Mountain Time - Sunday - 32 F degrees, humidity 53%, wind 5 mph out of NNW....CLEAR BLUE SKIES once again!  Very cold this down to 54 F degrees in the bedroom last night, although we did leave the salon heater set at 60 last night.

Saturday was the beginning of the holidays college bowl games, and Saturday was also the Wittmann Flea Market, which I love.  Every time we are in Wittmann long enough we visit at least once, and this Saturday marked my second visit, and TLE's first.  My method at swap meets, flea markets and thrift stores is to walk around and check everything I am interested in, locate items to check into more thoroughly, then once that is done go back and do just that.  Often when I return to certain booths, or tables I find more interesting things as I slowly scan each individual item.  Saturday I returned to one specific booth to exam a few small hand tools in which I was interested, and through my slow scanning process actually focused on three completely different hand tools from what I had originally........, for a grand total of $5 I got a small hacksaw, curved needle nose pliers, and long reach needle nose pliers.....retail I would probably have spent north of $20!  Some might wonder what dictates what I look for in used tools........what I look for is usually dictated by having had a recent need for a specific tool, and the three pictured above were purchased specifically because I found myself needing each one of them over the past few months, and my lack of them made my job more difficult.

Recently when we were unloading the VW from the trailer at the Quechan Casino the bag which holds my fiberglass flag pole had fallen on the floor and as TLE backed out the VW the left front wheel rolled over the end of the bag, which had the silver ball which tops the flag pole when it is in use, breaking that ball.  I ordered a new one along with a new 'Stars and Stripes' from 'Poles and Holders' before we left Quechan, and they arrived a few days ago, so now my flag pole is redeployed and in use once again!

I spent the afternoon reading with one of the bowl games in the background (Las Vegas Bowl) between Houston and San Diego State, won handily by SDS 34-10.....that was a surprise to me.....once again why I love college just never know what is going to happen.

We shared dinner with Tom and Darlene once again....Darlene prepared 'pulled pork' and we had pulled pork sandwiches for dinner along with a dinner salad and roasted sweet potatoes......yummy!

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  1. I love those swap meets and flea markets as well, just never know what you find and for good prices too.


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