Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Home Sweet Home!

6:52 am - Mountain Time - Wednesday - Wait what?  Wednesday already?  43° F, 68% humidity, wind 3 mph out of northwest....partly cloudy......forecast high 69° F.  In the midst of a minor 'heat wave'.....will be high 60's to low 70's for next three days then back into the 50's.

It is good to be back in my home.....don't get me wrong, it is always nice to spend a few days in a larger home, but I love the compact nature of my Newell home.....I am most comfortable in this 220 square foot space.  I know where everything is, and I am just feet away from the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, my beloved recliner, the outdoors, the heater thermostat.....I think you get the idea.

When we left on our whirlwind trip to SoCal for Mark's memorial service and Christmas we stowed our patio awning to protect it from possible winds over that span of time.  Now that we have returned it was time to deploy it once again, along with the decorative lights which we also had to takeN down.  When we are dry camping I almost always park the coach in a way to get the most sun on my solar panels for as many hours per day as possible, and that is usually with the nose of the coach facing the west.  This keeps the passenger side, or awning side in the shade meaning we usually do not deploy the awning.  When we have hookups we often do not have a choice in what direction we face, and often find the passenger side exposed to the sun for all, or part of the day, so we deploy the awning. 

Once the awning and patio furniture were redeployed I moved on to the next task......clean out the engine bay on both sides of the coach, and then pressure wash our rear facing has been about 10 months since it was last cleaned, and even though we have not traveled that many miles in the interim it was time.  I usually clean the radiator, at a minimum, every six months.  By the time I finished putting everything away it was closing in on 4 pm, and I was oh so dirty and tired.

After a longish shower I retired to my recliner to read for a while, which almost always leads to a nap, which it did.  Being that it is also the end of the year, the fourth week of December specifically, there are a number of  college 'Bowl' games being played leading up to this weekend when it will be non-stop college football culminating with the New Year's day 'Bowl' blowout on Sunday.

There was a lot of work Tuesday, but what Tuesday mostly was for me was social decompression time......a time to be alone with my own thoughts.  And now we are just days away from rolling our wheels once again.  We will be moving our home back to the Quechan Casino in Winterhaven, CA on January 2nd in anticipation of our next dental appointments on the 3rd and the 9th.  This will position us to be able to be on I-8 heading eastward by January 9th.....if we leave the coach here in Wittmann we have to make two round trips to Los Algodones totaling some 800 miles, and would still have to drive back to Wittmann on the 9th after our last appointment, which would mean we would not be able to hit the road until the 10th.  Why is this important to us?  Well we need to be in Cedar Key, FL by January 20th to keep our reservation at Sunset Isle RV Park and leaving on the 9th will give us a total of 12 days to cover the 2,200 miles, or an average of 183 miles per day.  No doubt there will be some longer days, and some shorter days, but driving under 200 miles per day is our comfort zone.

Our probable route east

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  1. Looks like you have the next while all planned out and should be a wonderful winter. We have done that route many times. Enjoy the journey and your time at Sunset Key.


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