Wednesday, December 21, 2016

'Wrapping it up'.....

7:57 am - Mountain Time - Wednesday - 58° F, 43% humidity, wind 5 mph out of ENE.....heavy cloud cover with a chance of rain.....forecast high is 65° F.  Only got down to 69° F in the bedroom.....a very warmish night!

Have I ever said I LOVE Amazon Prime?  We first became Amazon Prime members during our Amazon workamper stint in Campbellsville, KY back in October of 2012.  Back then it cost about $80/ has risen gradually over the past 4 years to about $99/year now, but it is totally worth it.  It fits our lifestyle to a 'T'......we know that no matter where we are we can receive a package within 2 days, which means we don't have to hang around for days and weeks waiting for an illusive package to arrive.  It really comes in handy for Christmas shopping, and once again this year we did about 75% of our Christmas shopping through Amazon.  The last of our Christmas orders arrived Tuesday, so it just remained for us to make a 'quick' run to Target to pick up a few remaining items.....of course a 'quick' trip to Target is impossible, right?  It's like opening a bag of potato chips and eating just one potato chip, then closing the bag.......not possible, even for a super hero. 

Of course, once again, I get slightly ahead of first task to finish Tuesday was to finish polishing the ALCOA wheels on the driver's side of the Newell......the weather was perfect, and the driver's side was in the shade, so I got to it.  In all it took me about an hour to finish the final two wheels (no pix, but they came out wonderfully).  By this time it was close to noon, so I took a shower, got dressed and we were off in the VW  to the Target on Bell in Surprise.

I'm amazed at how often we forget how tough finding a parking spot just a few days before Christmas at any retail store can be.....the Target parking lot was packed, and we found ourselves driving up and down parking aisles looking for a spot, and finally found one.  It took us about 45 minutes to get the remaining gifts plus gift wrapping paper, and then we were on our way east on Bell to one of our favorite local micro breweries, Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery.  Here's another thing we forget.......traffic is always bad on Bell, but the week before Christmas......terrible, or as Charles Barkley would took us 20 minutes to drive 4 miles, but it was worth it!

We chose to sit in the bar area at one of those tall tables.......TLE ordered their Scotch Ale, and I ordered a Saltwater Stout from their rotating specialty dark column......for our late lunch (2:20 pm by now) we ordered a plate of their beer battered onion rings, 2 Tequila Lime Steak Mini Tacos and 2 Fish Mini of each for each of us......delicious!

The brews have been ordered!

One Tequila Lime Steak Mini Taco and one Fish Mini Taco

We lingered over our brews and tacos talking quietly about our life together, the fragility of life, and our upcoming visit back to SoCal to be with our kids for Mark's funeral and Christmas.  

After a real quick stop at Trader Joe's we were home by 4:15 all that is left is to wrap up those presents!

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