Wednesday, December 7, 2016


8:19 am - Mountain Time - Wednesday - 50 F degrees, 72% humidity, wind - calm......high clouds again today......forecast high for today is 69 F degrees.

After I finished yesterday's blog post I realized I hadn't talked about our house battery bank.  As you will recall we began Monday with clear skies, but by the time we left for our dental appointments clouds had appeared, and stayed with us the rest of the day.  As a result our batteries only got back to 96% by the time the sun set.  This coming after Sunday when they only got to 95% as I watched football all day.  Not getting back to 100% is not an issue on a day to day basis, but it is important to get back to 100% at least once a week.  Tuesday we began the day with our battery bank at 83% and with a pretty heavy cloud cover, however, it did thin later in the morning, but never went away.  I did not expect to get back to 100%, nonetheless, it did by about 2:30 pm, even with cloud cover.

We have decided there is no point in remaining here at Quechan Casino until Saturday as we originally had planned since there are no dental appointments for almost a month.  Instead we will depart Wednesday to drive just under 200 miles to the home of our long time friends Tom and Darlene near Wittmann, AZ.  I have written about their home and property numerous times over the past few years as we find ourselves there at least once a year.  When Tom built his enormous Newell garage he included two 50 amp full hookup sites next to the garage for friends with RV's to use when they visit.  This will be the third year in a row we have spent stopped by for a visit at this home, and the 5th time overall......we stopped twice at their prior home in Mesa, AZ before they moved to Wittmann.  At any rate, we will bide our time there until it is time to return to Los Algodones for the next phase of our dental experience with Dr. Urena.

We could have left Tuesday, but TLE did not feel up to it after several hours in dental chairs Monday getting root canals started, and having teeth pulled.....her jaw is a little sore, as would be expected.  My dental surgery was pretty minor, and I am doing fine.  So, we spent Tuesday relaxing......both reading for most of the day.  I did spend a while in the afternoon talking with each of my sisters (Hilary and Jill) to catch up with them and their lives.  It's kind of nice to get on the phone with no appointments, or obligations pressing and just talk as long as you want.  Hilary lives with her family in Spokane, WA and Jill lives with her family near Ann Arbor, MI, so we are really spread out as a family.  It makes me so thankful that all my kids live within 15 miles of each other in SoCal, and can see each other whenever they wish, and they do get together often.

I did a little organizing in the trailer getting ready to reinsert the VW again on Wednesday, and also in the water bay where I have been accumulating various plumbing parts, which do not need to be in there.  Other than that I spent time finishing one book and delving into the next with an occasional nap mixed in for good measure.

As I sit here typing there is not much to do before we roll our wheels eastward......we have the big Kohler 7.5 kilowatt propane generator running so we can heat up our Detroit Diesel using the block heater.  I only use the block heater when the overnight temps have been under is just so much easier to start it.....these two stroke diesels are a little cold blooded, and need a little warmth to avoid a hard start.

We watched episodes of 'NCIS' and 'Bull' before hitting sack at 11 pm.  We have enjoyed our 5 days here at Quechan is so quiet at night!  There are numerous other places to dry camp in the immediate area, and I'm sure they would also be fine for us, but it's nice to be parked where there is a security presence, and security lighting when you are so close to an urban area.  There is plenty of room for RV's.....when this lot is full there are probably over 100 RV's at any one time.

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  1. Clarke, my wife and I will be taking the coach to Fl in February and are considering spending a few days in Cedar Key. I'd be interested in any recommendations/advice you might have as I see there are 3 or 4 RV parks to choose from. Thanks...I really enjoy the blog!

    1. We stay at Sunset Isle RV Resort.....about 1.5 miles from downtown.....about 200 yards to the Tiki Bar at Low Key Hideaway. Good prices, and right on the water.


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