Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The bottom line......

7:12 am - Tuesday - 47 F degrees, 39% humidity, wind 14 mph out of the north (not feeling that here at the Elks Club.....maybe 5 mph).....4 days until we roll!

I had my followup appointment at Pacific Eye Institute at 11 am Monday......we left around 10:25 am in order to make the drive over to Upland via Arrow Route.  In spite of Monday morning traffic we arrived at 10:55 am.....I hate being late for appointments.  I wish those who set those appointments hated being late as much as I.  TLE and I sat in the waiting room.....let's face it.....they call it 'The Waiting Room', so there is no way you are not going to WAIT, right?  When I go to an Urgent Care, or Emergency Room I expect to wait as I had no appointment for my 'emergency'.  Having been in numerous doctors office waiting rooms over the course of 67 years, I am accustomed to waiting a few minutes, but Monday I was not called for my 11 am appointment until 11:55 am.....that is a new world record for me.  On the other hand I'm retired.....what have I got to do that's more important than making sure my left eye is healing properly?  So, I 'put my patience in my pocket' as my good friend Karen says, and thought pleasant thoughts.  

At last my name was called and I moved to the smaller waiting room where, ironically, I did not have to wait even one second.  The doctor moved through one test after another, and at the end of about 15 minutes pronounced my left eye to have 20/20 vision again.....I was able to read every single line on the eye chart including the bottom line I was unable to read the day I got the patch off my eye.  He said I was the first followup of the day to be able to read all the lines, and that I was ahead of the typical recovery schedule for someone my age.  I do have to continue to put in the eye drops four times per day until they run out, or I hit the four week mark, whichever comes first......and I do have to wear the dreaded nighttime eye patch when I sleep......and I do have to continue sleeping either on my back, or my right side so there is no pressure on my left eye......I really, really want to sleep on my left side again, and I really, really want to stop wearing that eye patch, but such is life.  By the time all of this post operative stuff is done we'll be half way to Florida.....YAY!

From Pacific Eye Institute we headed back to Rancho Cucamonga where we intended to visit my son's office to go through the few remaining items still on our storage shelves we have in his warehouse, but Chris, TAR (The Amazing Rochelle), and Cynthia were at lunch (one of the consequences of my 11 am appointment turning into an 11:55 am appointment), so we went to Home Goods where TLE wanted to by a new 'shaped' pillow, and some backup sheets for our bed, and then to Rubio's where we had our lunch before getting a text from Chris that they were back at the office.  By the way, we did find some new Queen sheets with a 500 thread count, and TLE did get her new 'shaped' pillow.

In all we made two trips to the local Goodwill with items to donate, and pretty much liquidated the last of of stored 'stuff'.  I retrieved a box of music CD's which I will go through and retrieve the CD's I want to keep, and then give the rest to my kids, if they want them.  Since we will probably not see Chris, TAR and Cynthia before we roll our wheels we said our 'until next times'.  TAR faithfully reads my blog every single day, and is probably the best informed of all our children and their significant others regarding our daily adventures,and lives in general.  Frankly, this was the reason I began to write my blog in the first place.....we wanted our immediate and extended families to be part of our lives while we travel, and to know where we are, and what we are doing.

By the time we began the drive back home it was closing in on 3 pm, and I did need to dump the black tank before it got dark......now, I'm sure I could dump it in the dark, but come on....who wants to mess with the black tank in the dark, huh?  We were home by 3:15 to find a 5th wheel at the dump station.....usually it takes most guys about 15 minutes max from beginning to end to dump their tanks from a long weekend excursion, but 45 minutes later he was still there.....hmmmm.  I went ahead and got the macerator pump hooked up, and the hoses connected so I would be ready to go when the 5th wheel guy finished.  Finally at 4:10 he was done and I pulled my hose over to the dump station and began to pump out our black tank finishing just as the sun set in the western sky.

We watched the MNF game between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles, which turned out t be a very good game won in the end by the Packers who deparately needed a win after four straight losses.

As I watched the game I couldn't help but begin to mentally list all the things I need to do before we pull out on Saturday morning for Yuma......it's not overwhelming, but you know me....I'll be thinking about all the things I need to do right up until Saturday morning.

Between now and Saturday we will be spending individual time with our kids beginning with Sharon, Rod and Brayden James Wednesday night.....then Kate, Nick, Elijah, Charlise and Jolene Rose Thursday night, Tim and Laila Friday night, and Meredith Saturday morning for breakfast just before we fire up the Detroit Diesel.....a lot of 'until next times'!

One more thing about my cataract surgery recovery.......for the first 9 days I would see streaks of light at night when I looked at the headlights of oncoming vehicles......Sunday night when we were on the way home from Pomona Valley Mining Company those streaks were completely gone.  I have heard from others that the streaks of light were something you had to live with after cataract surgery, but apparently that will not be the case for me.

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