Saturday, November 19, 2016

Positively positive.....

8:07 am - Saturday - 56 F degrees, 21% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the cold last night......had my window in the bedroom open and the temp got down to 58 inside.....outside the low was 46.......sweet!  Forecast high for Saturday is 76 F degrees.

TLE had another play date Friday with Brayden James, Sharon and Rod's son, for the day so she was up and out of the Newell by 7:45 am......for me it was the first day I have been able to sleep in since Tuesday.  

In the interest of full disclosure, I stayed home as my left eye gets tired and sometimes I just close my eyes to give them a break.  My left eye has been poked, prodded and stuck a lot this week, and there is some healing to be done.  As might be expected, and it is totally normal, there is swelling which is why I put Prednisolone drops in my eye 4 times a speed healing and reduce swelling.  I'll be taking those drops for a month.  That being said, I see improvement every day, and I am getting used to not wearing glasses constantly.  I have a pair of prescription Bolle sunglasses that I have used for years to mountain bike.  Since the operation I have removed the prescription insert as I am able to see into the distance now.  I do wear sunglasses every time I go outside during the day as things are still too bright for me, but that is getting better, too.

Prescription insert they are just sunglasses

Most people who have this 'intraocular' surgery will tell you that your vision is restored as soon as you take off that patch, and that is true.  What I have not heard is the recovery from that surgery, and the adjustment to seeing things through an artificial lens takes a while, and intellectually speaking, that makes sense, and that is what I am experiencing so far.  So far the experience has been a net positive, with the positive side of the ledger getting longer day by day.

I did manage to spend some time in the trailer working on my Cannondale Bad Boy, which has seen a few hundred miles of riding in the past six months with no service, other than the new hydraulic brakes I installed a few months needs a little tuneup, and I will continue that process Saturday as I cannot go back to riding until Wednesday.

In addition I took out the trash, and washed the dishes......and then it was time to give my left eye a break, so I took a nap.  And that is how the rest of my day looked.....catnaps, watching a little news, more drops in the left eye, and more catnaps.

TLE returned from her playtime with Brayden James after 4 pm and we settled in for the evening.

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  1. Thanks for all the scary information. I'm just waiting until dec 5 for my left eye. Phy done yesterday (no bloodwork - just ekg) ; Thursday did measurement and told more expensive lens to be put in to take care of stigmatisn $800.00
    Eye and phy doc said I'll be back to do right one soon as I won't believe the great improvement!
    Glad yours is doing well!

  2. Glad your doing well ! Recovery for me was fast but adjusting took longer. I had poor vision Since a kid and had glasses all the time I could read kinda before without glasses but had trifocals in the end. The toric lenses$$$ corrected my astigmatism. The drops clouded my vision some .. I was glad to be done with them. My biggest adjustment was since I always wore glasses not wearing them was freeing BUT I can't read anything within 3' and need readers. I have lost/ broke 3 pair and am constantly looking for where I put them to read some label note etc ! I have finally figured a system. I have 4 pair placed around the rv and finally know where to carry them so the don't fall out of my pocket or break when I sit down. :)
    Now 6 months later I'm better and enjoy the view. I still forget the readers are on and take off wondering why everything is blurry lol It's an adjustment to be sure!

    1. To add this I can't imagine doing just one eye the difference was just too much for and was hard to focus with the left eye side blurry and the right clear. The two weeks between wasn't fun !


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