Monday, November 28, 2016

Rain day #2

8:25 am - Monday - 48 F degrees, humidity 74%, wind - calm......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 57 F down to 53 F degrees in the bedroom.

Sunday began with leaden skies, and ended with a beautiful between it rained a lot....well, a lot for SoCal........

Another rain day......

.....we were up Sunday a little after 7 am sipping our coffee and commenting about how dark the skies were and when it would probably begin to rain.....such is our simple life.  It did begin to rain a little after 9 am, and it rained on and off the rest of the daylight portion of the day.

Of course, I watched several NFL football games.....there were a number of good games Sunday......regretfully, my Broncos and Seahawks lost, but the Giants and Raiders about them Raiders?  First place in AFC West!

We had plans to meet my brother Philip and his wife Jeannie (she shares TLE's birthday, but not year) for dinner at the Pomona Valley Mining Company in, what else, Pomona.  We have been eating there on a periodic basis for over 20 years, and it the perfect halfway place to meet for lunch, or dinner.

Arrived just in time for a beautiful sunset

 Philip and Jeannie on the right

We arrived just before 5 pm, and within a few minutes Phil and Jeannie had arrived.  One of the big downsides to our lifestyle is that we miss them dearly.  We vacationed almost every year together for years with them.  Every time we get together it is as if we had just seen them the day before.....there are no awkward silences......we just pick up where we left off the last time.  We said our until next times about 7 pm and were back home by 7:30. 

I watched the end of what was a very well played NFL game (Chiefs vs. Broncos) won at the very end of overtime by a field goal (Chiefs) which bounced off the left upright of the goal and barely went through just passing behind the right upright.

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