Sunday, May 10, 2020

Loosey Goosey......

8:03 am - Sunday - May 10th - Goosenecks State Park, UT - 60° F, 34% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the northeast.....high clouds today with a forecast high of 86° F.....the view this morning......↴

Our travel style seems to be evolving since we left Wittmann a week ago.....usually TLE and I are on the road first, and Glenn and Laureen follow within 1-2 hours.  That works perfectly as neither of us feels tethered to the other, and we can each let the day evolve organically.  On Saturday we left the Elks Lodge in Page, AZ about 20 minutes before Glenn and Laureen, and were on the road heading southeast towards Goosenecks State Park.  

I didn't write about this in my last missive, but after we returned from our tour of the local Page, AZ attractions I drove down to O'Reilly's to pick up some 'GUNK' to attempt to properly clean my radiator.  You will recall I spent time at Black Bart's doing just that, but the degreaser the guy at Napa recommended just did not cut the mustard, as they say.....

.....the reason I know the other degreaser was not effective is that there was no change in my coolant temperature on our drive to Page, AZ Thursday.  Overall the temps were running 10° warmer than normal.   By the time I had finished cleaning the radiator for the 2nd time in just a few days I could see a lot of black grease on the ground under the radiator......good!

So, when you leave Page, AZ to head to Goosenecks State Park you spend the first 40 mile climbing 2,000' in elevation.....the perfect acid test to see if I was finally successful in ridding my radiator of the dreaded gunk that was clogging the airways......

  Glenn and Laureen about ready for lift off the 40 some odd miles of climbing the temperature never got above 199°, which is what I would normally expect, and that was the case the rest of the 150 miles we covered Saturday.

The drive was delightfully cool as we floated down the highways towards Goosenecks.  About 25 miles from our goal we stopped just short of Monument Valley (closed like everything else) to take a short break, and to take a couple of pictures

 Taking a break

.....we made a quick stop in Mexican Hat to buy some water, milk and firewood and were on our way to cover the final 7 miles to Goosenecks.  We were pretty sure based on what we had researched that Goosenecks was open, but that is no guaranty.  Nevertheless, as we crested the last rise we could see RV's parked along the canyon, and a ranger truck parked by the kiosk.....we could also see that our favorite spot was still available....score!

......we paid for 5 days.....$10/day.....and then pulled into our site.  Within 30 minutes we were relaxing on the 'lido deck' awaiting the arrival of Glenn and Laureen...... 3 pm Glenn and Laureen had arrived (we lost an hour as we are now in Utah on Mountain DST), and began to set up for our 5+ day stay....we may end up staying 7 days....we'll see......

.....Laureen provided our dinner entree......Chili, and it was very good.....

.....we had a lovely fire whilst watching the sunset, and thus ended our day.  Goosenecks is all that I remembered from 5 years ago.....can it really have been that long since we were last here?  It seems like yesterday.....

....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Awesome....I am feeling jealous of you guys! Enjoy

  2. I take it all this Southwest area is new to your brother...what do they think of it all???

    1. They have never been here before, and they are loving it!