Friday, May 15, 2020

Calling your Bluff.......

7:18 am - 5th Saturday - May 15th - Bluff, UT - 49° F, 46% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the northeast.......high clouds today with a forecast high of 82° F....the view this morning.....↴

Our Thursday plan was to drive 23 miles north eastward to Bluff, UT and snag a couple of spots at Cottonwood RV Park, where TLE and I stayed in April of 2014.  While TLE organized the interior of the Newell for our 23 mile drive I stowed the solar panels, put away our chairs, and got the trailer ready for turf, and then VW insertion.  We were ready to roll around 10 am with Glenn and Laureen departing a few minutes later.  

Thankfully, the wind we had for 3 days left us late Wednesday, and for the first time in a couple of weeks we had NO wind, or breeze whatsoever on Thursday.  The drive to Bluff was pretty much over before it began as we arrived at Cottonwood RV Park just before 11 am, and pulled into site #5 (a 70' pull through site).  I was still hooking up our sewer connection when Glenn and Laureen arrived in site #6......

.....our main reason (TLE and I) for being in Bluff was to do laundry.....we haven't done it for a couple of weeks, and our hamper was close to overflowing.  The group reason for being in Bluff for a couple of days is to visit the recently opened Natural Bridges National Monument during our stay.

While TLE made the laundry run I vacuumed out the trailer, which was filthy with red dust after all the wind we had at Goosenecks.  I made a couple of minor repairs, and then went inside to take a long nap.  Just as I was awaking from that great nap I heard TLE return in the VW from her laundry foray.

As the sun began to drift toward the eastern horizon the bluffs (for which the town of Bluff are named) began to light up (the bluffs are to the south of us).......

.....TLE and I watched a couple more episodes of Outlander (9 & 10), and have just 3 episodes left in season 5.  We are off to Natural Bridges and less than an hour so I will wrap this up, and thank you once again for stopping by!

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