Friday, May 29, 2020

Last day.......

7:35 am - Friday - May 29th - Meeker, CO - 52° F, 59% humidity, wind - CALM!  Clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 84° F.....gettin' warmer....we have somewhat of a warming trend over the next week.

Thursday was a rare day in which I took no pictures, so this post will depend entirely upon myself to be as descriptive as possible.  It's funny, because usually I am thinking about taking pictures all the time in anticipation of putting them in the blog the next day.  I guess I was so involved with Glenn and Laureen, and our town hosts, John and Lisa that I got completely sidetracked throughout the very warm day.  I know, I was only 80° F, but we've been blessed with so many days in the 70's lately that 80° F feels much warmer, and the sun here is so, so intense.  If you have been standing in the sun for 10-15 minutes and then move suddenly to the shade it feels like the temp has dropped 15°!

Around 8:30 am we walked over to White River Bakery for breakfast (indoors!).....John and Lisa had recommended them very highly.  TripAdvisor gives them 4.5 stars on 10 reviews, and we would have to agree....what a great breakfast!

TripAdvisor picture

Later in the morning I helped Glenn and Laureen install their 3 new tail will remember we replaced the first three in Wittmann (one from their personal inventory, and 2 we bought at a local truck supply place) as we never received the ones we ordered from Amazon.  While we were on the road Glenn ordered some more from another source, and they finally arrived here in Meeker a couple of days ago.  Now all six tail lights are in working order.

Additionally, Glenn pulled off the front bumper to check on why the generator had overheated when they were dry camping in Colorado Springs last week.  It turned out that the generator carburetor is adjusted for about 500-700' elevation, we we have been over 5,000' elevation for several weeks now which is causing (we believe) the generator to run much leaner, which will increase the operating temperature.  Glenn will read up on adjusting the carburetor to work at higher elevation, and make the necessary adjustments.

By the time we finished that it was getting too warm to be working in direct sunlight so we retired to our individual homes on wheels to take naps.  After cooling down I spent some more time in the trailer organizing things in the trailer for VW insertion Friday morning....yup, it's time to roll our wheels once again.  We'll be heading west from Meeker toward Dinosaur National Monument, a place we have not yet visited, and from there we are not totally sure as things are still in the beginning stages of opening in this part of the country.  We do know that Yellowstone, and Grand Tetons National Parks are open with some restrictions.

We invited John and Lisa over for dinner at 6 pm.  TLE and I had to set up our Ozark Trails popup shade as the early evening sun was quite intense at the picnic tables right next to our site.  For our dinner fare TLE and Laureen made up a batch of TLE's amazing Lasagna, as well as her avocado/corn salad.  We sat eating, drinking and talking until almost 9 pm before the evening chill, and a few random mosquitoes chased us indoors.  Our 4 day interlude here in Meeker has been amazing, and on some level I am reluctant to leave, but the Summer of 2020 tour must continue, right?  We can always return, right?

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