Saturday, May 30, 2020

The 'rest' of it.....

6:20 am - Saturday - May 30th - Jensen, UT - 57° F, 60% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 89° F.....the view this morning.....↴

Our Jello plan Friday was to be on the road by 10 am, and we were successful.  After composing and posting my daily missive we turned over the big Detroit Diesel 6v92, and backed up to the dump station to empty our tanks, and fill our fresh water tank.  This was accomplished in record time, and then it was just a matter of dropping the trailer on the hitch, pulling forward and inserting the VW for our 100+ mile drive to Jensen, UT.  As has become our pattern, TLE and I were the first to depart Town Park in Meeker, CO with Glenn and Laureen following within a couple of hours.

For the first time since we left Wittmann, AZ almost a month ago our compass heading was due west.  We left Colorado 13 just west of Meeker for Colorado 64, which would take us all the way to Dinosaur, CO and US-40 for the final 20 miles into Utah once again, and ultimately Jensen.  Colorado 13, and 64 are what we would call 'tertiary' roads, or third order/level highways.  Most often 'tertiary roads' have no shoulders, can be quite narrow, and often have rough patches......Colorado 13, and 64 fit this description perfectly.  US-40, on the other hand, is definitely a very good secondary road, as are most of the US highways we have traversed over the years, with wide shoulders, and smooth asphalt.

Just outside of Rangely, CO about 60 miles into our drive we found serendipity in the form of Kenney we came around a corner on Colorado 64 I spied a large parking lot near a boat ramp that appeared quite negotiable for our 62' length, so I pulled in on the spur of the moment to take a break.  I took time to check our 10 tires with our infrared temp gun and found all tires to be in their proper temperature range, drained a quart of Delo 100 40 weight oil from our 2.5 gallon oil reservoir into the 6v92, and then checked the straps which secure the VW in place while we are underway......

.....I then took a few pix to memorialize this great rest of our best in a long, long time.....I could have spent the rest of the day there enjoying the balmy zephyrs gently wafting off the lake.....

......we spent about 40 minutes relaxing there, but eventually the call of the road urged us back onto Colorado 62 for the final 40+ miles into Jensen, UT.  We arrived at Outlaw Trail R Park just after 12:30 pm, and were in site #30 within minutes plugging in our electrical, and turning on our A/ was hot!

Within 90 minutes Glenna and Laureen arrived in site #31, right next to us.  They drove into Vernal to visit the local Walmart Supercenter, and a couple of RV places.  TLE prepared some Chicken soup for dinner, which we shared with Glenn and Laureen before bidding adieu to each other for the night.....

......on Saturday we will explore Dinosaur National Monument to our heart's content.

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