Monday, May 11, 2020

Livin' on the edge......

7:25 am - Monday - May 11th - Goosenecks State Park, UT - 58° F, 70% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the north......heavy cloud cover this morning with a forecast high today of 83° F.  On this day in 2013 we were working traffic control at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.......

Sunday was a day of a little work, and a lot of relaxing.  TLE began her day defrosting the Dometic absorption fridge, which when done without the aid of her hair dryer takes a long time.  We're not plugged in, and I didn't want to run the generator on a day when it was so quiet you could hear the proverbial pin drop, so I didn't want to disturb the peace of our beautiful setting with genset noise.  A project TLE talks to me about every time she defrosts the fridge is the sad shape of our shelves.  These shelves are essentially wire welded together, and coated in rubber.....the rubber, as you can see is coming off in a big way.....

......I have had an aerosol can of white Plasti-Dip leftover from a project I did several years ago.  You just spray it on the surface you wish to treat and it re-coats it with rubber.....very cool.  It took about 6 applications to get the proper thickness and look, but I think it turned out well...... can get this stuff on Amazon, so I'm going to order 4 cans for future use....the next time TLE defrosts the fridge.

Other than that project I spent the rest of the day ensconced comfortably in my anti gravity chair reading, enjoying the view, and napping.....I haven't had one of those days since Borrego Springs back in February.  In between all that I took a few pictures of our surrounds......

That's Monument Valley in the distance...about 24 miles

 I call this the "Spock" rock....can you guess why?

 The rock formation for which the village 
of Mexican Hat is named (TLE's photo)

 If you concentrate you can see a women in repose (TLE's photo)

 We're gettin' some weather

 TLE loves having her sister all to herself

 It's raining over there.....about 10 miles away

 (Glenn's photo)

 (Glenn's photos)

....towards the evening, just before dinner, the wind came up (30-40 mph) out of now where, and it took all four of us to stow our respective awnings to keep them from being ripped off our Newells.  I had just finished grilling some of TLE's famous Celantro/Lime marinated salmon and cod when the winds hit, but we got the awnings taken care of and still had a great meal courtesy TLE and Laureen.  By the time dinner was over the ferocious winds had abated, but it remained quite breezy all night long.

After two wonderful days at Goosenecks I am beginning to relax, and get into the vibe of this amazing place.  There are three boondocking places we have discovered in our 8+ year odyssey that touch my soul in a deep way.......Anza Borrego Desert, Lone Rock and Goosenecks.....these are my happy places.  Before the pandemic struck I was wondering when, if ever, our travels would bring us back to Goosenecks.  You just never know what Mr. Jello has in mind for your life.

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  1. I have to look for that stuff. My refrigerator has some rust spots on the shelf where we keep the milk, so lots of wear and tear.