Tuesday, May 5, 2020

'The Last Dance.....'

6:25 am - Tuesday - May 5th - Flagstaff, AZ - 32° F!, 69% humidity, wind - CALM......clear, blue, very cold skies this morning.....I love writing that.....very cold!  The view this morning.......↴

.....on this day in 2018 we were visiting Niagra Falls.....

We slept in until after 7 am on our first full day in Flagstaff.  We turned on the portable fireplace around 6 am to warm up the salon.....I wore my slippers for the first time in 3 weeks......these are some of the things we love about high altitude living.  The bedroom temperature got down to 58° F overnight....perfect for sleeping soundly.

Glenn and I had a couple of DIY projects to complete so he and I headed off to the local Napa store in the Beetle (just 3 blocks away) to pick up the needed materials.  TLE and Laureen, on the other hand, were in need of a serious shopping day so they headed off to explore the local stores in the Honda Element.

My DIY project was to thoroughly clean the Newell radiator......again.  Apparently the last time I did it when we first arrived in Wittmann didn't take.....I guess I was not thorough enough, because the engine temps were still running 5-8° higher than normal on our climb from the Verde Valley to Flagstaff.  I purchased a gallon of 'Purple Power' concentrate to spray onto both sides of the radiator before I used the pressure washer......

.....I've used this before, and was happy with the results.  I was not happy with the results using 'Dawn' last time.  In preparation for the cleaning project I turned on the block heater before I got out of bed to be sure the radiator was hot before I began to clean it.  In all I applied the 50/50 (I added one part water for every part of 'Purple Power') 4 to 5 times with a thorough pressure washing in between.  I'm pretty sure I got it clean this time!  Just about the time I was finishing putting away all my stuff TLE and Laureen returned home from their shopping foray.

Our niece, Christina, lives in Flagstaff with her daughter Melana (Mĕlānă).  Whenever we are in town we make a point of getting together with her at least once.  She had heard we were going to be in Flagstaff and contacted TLE about visiting with us, so we set the date for 3:30 pm Monday.  Even though it is much cooler here in Flagstaff the sun is still pretty intense in the much thinner atmosphere so TLE and I broke out he Ozark popup to provide some shade for our get together......

.....we sat catching up, and talking until after 5 pm when we decided to order some takeout from  'The Lumberyard', a local micro brewery........Christina decided to stay for dinner, but wanted to go and pickup her daughter, so she volunteered to pick up our food.....

......we all had to put on warmer clothes as the sun set, but we continued on with our get together until 8:30 pm......

 From left to right: Laureen, Melana, TLE, Christina, and moi

......after saying our until next times we all retired to our respective coaches for the evening.  I continued watching the ESPN series entitled 'The Last Dance'....a documentary about Michael Jordan's final season as a Chicago Bull, and their 6th and final championship (second threepeat) in the 1997-98 season.  The series has 10 episodes in all, and I'm through episode 6......it is totally fascinating to get an inside look at the team dynamics, and specifically Michael Jordan.  If you are a sports fan I highly recommend watching this series.....IMDB gives the series 5 stars....their highest rating.

And with that ended our first full day in Flagstaff....it's always great to visit with family, and we are so glad we were able to spend so much time with Christina and Melana this time around!  A final note....Christina is the daughter of TLE's sister Phyllis, and was born almost one year to the day before our oldest child, Chris.

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