Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Lucky 13......

7:48 am - Tuesday - May 26th - Meeker, CO - 39° F, 64% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the northeast......clear, blue, coolish skies this morning with a forecast high today of 71° F.  The view this morning......↴

Town Park in Meeker, CO.....50 amp service, and a view!

We've been covering a lot of 'new to us' highways since Durango, but the first 60 miles Monday were on familiar territory....I-70 eastbound out of Grand Junction.  Our first destination of the day was the Walmart Supercenter in Rifle, CO where we acquired a few needed items before leaving I-70 for SR-13 north to Meeker, CO, our destination for the day.  The Walmart parking lot was a little tight, but we managed to negotiate our ingress and egress without harm to small children, or animals.........

 The Colorado River on the left

 The Colorado River on the right

.....for much of our drive to Rifle, CO we traced the winding course of the Colorado River.....

......as we edged north out of Rifle on SR-13 the traffic lightened considerably, and the views continued to amaze.  About half way to Meeker on SR-13 we hit a 6 mile stretch of road construction with the roadbed consisting of very uneven gravel for that entire stretch.  Fortunately it was Memorial Day, and there were no road crews to impose a promised 30 minute wait in certain sections....whew!

By 1 pm we were puling into the lovely town of Meeker, CO where we will spend at least 4 days glamping in the parking lot of their lovely Town Park where there are three electrical pedestals offering 20, 30 and 50 amp service.  There is a lovely dump station about 50' behind us, as well as a potable water spigot.  On arrival we found all three RV sites available so we dropped the trailer, and pulled the Newell in frontward facing the White River.  This is one of the nicer city parks in which we have stayed.....

 The White River in Rio Blanco County

.....Meeker, CO is located in Rio Blanco County where there have been ZERO deaths from the Wuhan Flu, and just ONE diagnosed case in the past 3 months.  Needless to say, no masks are being worn here at all.  People shake hands here, and happily give and receive hugs.....about as normal as you can get.   As I have oft quipped.....there is nothing better than rural America, especially now in these times and circumstances.

The main reason for our choice of Meeker, CO to spend some time is that we have good friends (John and Lisa) who live here, and they have graciously allowed us to ship a few items to their home.  When we visited their home for dinner Monday evening we picked up enough stuff to pack the back of the VW......

.....that big box on the bottom is our NEW Norcold refer, which will replace our 38 year old Norcold.  As you will recall our existing Norcold refer bit the dust while we were staying in Page, AZ.  This new one has a small freezer compartment to compliment the larger fridge compartment unlike the old one which either had to be a fridge, or a freezer...nothing in between.

We spent about 3 hours catching up with John and Lisa, and were treated to an amazing dinner.....Creamy Tuscan Chicken......prepared by their daughter, Cathleen......good friends, and good food....it doesn't get much better.

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